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The UnSub Bug! YouTube is Broken Again or Not Being Honest

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Many people have been claiming that they have been unsubscribed from YouTube channel that they watch… Is this a bug? Is YouTube Broken or is YouTube not being honest with us creators? Is YouTube Lying to Us Creators? Here is Derral's Rant about The UnSubscribe Bug!

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  1. sweety bawaria says

    hello Derral,i am getting lesser and lesser views these days despite of subscribers……I don’t understand why….

    1. Stech Anfo says

      same issue i upload new video last week and it got somany views till now but the previos famous video got not views : thats strange youtube.

    2. Jaw Tooth says

      Its called over saturation.  Just think of how many people are making the same type of video that you are making.  Everyday there are more and more people trying to get started and they are doing exactly what you are doing.  No wonder you are losing views.  You have to really stand out or it will get worse.  Be different.

    3. Vine MasterX says

      Freedom for fun DONE PLZ SUB Mine & my 2nd channel Universal Prank’s the LOGO says
      Laugh Out Loud.

    4. Nandy Mlomo says

      I am not seeing some of my subscriptions’ latest videos on my subscriptions tab but they uploaded videos today, so that could be the case for you cause ppl don’t usually go looking for new videos since they expect to see on the sub tab

  2. FoolyLiving says

    I’ve also seen exactly this and some of my subscribers (people who are VERY loyal subscribers) have come to my channel to tell me that youtube unsubbed them! I have been unsubbed to my other channel on my own account!

    1. Tech Profis says

      Same here….

    2. The Tutorial Guy says

      FoolyLiving same
      i lost 20 subs
      not joking

    3. Pokiblue says

      I lost 1 subscriber 🙁 my goal to reach 25 sub wont happen lol

    4. EelKat Wendy C. Allen says

      I think I solved YouTube’s unsub-glitch. Here’s how I fixed it on my channel, if you guys are having this trouble, you can try it and see it it works for you too.

      I found out WHY YouTube has been unsubbing me from my fave channels channel. They just unsubbed me AGAIN today. That’s the 3rd time this week. I think I solved the unsub glitch – I don’t think it’s a glitch at all! I think it’s something we viewers are doing on our own without realizing it! I went to my subscriptions list to see who else wasn’t there because so many of my fave YouTubers were unsubbed from my list this week, over and over again, and I noticed it said I had 1,000 channels I was subbed to. I was like, really? How did I sub so many? I didn’t think anything of it at first, I was looking for my fave YouTubers to see if I was unsubbed from them. Turns out there was several missing from my list.

      So, I search YouTube for them, resub to them. Head back to my list of subscriptions and notice is STILL says 1,000 exactly. what? Shouldn’t it be 1,015 now? I go through the list again. The ones I just subbed to were there, but now 15 others were gone.

      I go to their channels. Yep. I was unsubbed from them. I resub them, go back to the list. Still, 1,000. Check again… 15 others are now gone from the list…

      I start looking closer. Now sub 1, look at 1 try to find who was unsubed.

      Guess what? Every time I subbed someone, the person with the MOST subs is unsubbed from my list!

      I sub a new channel. BOOM! Pewdiepie is gone because he has the most subscribers.

      I resub Pewdiepie. BOOM! Markiplier is gone, because now he’s the one on my list with the most subs.

      I sub 3 more. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! There go JackSepticeye, LordMinion777, and CinnamonToastKen.

      Doesn’t matter that I view every one of their vids and watch them every day. No – they have the highest amount of subscribers, and so they got kicked off my subscription list because I can not be subscribed to more then 1,000 channels and the ones with the most subs are being auto-booted if I sub to 1,001.

      Well, I figured I don’t watch all 1,000 of the channels, so I can unsub myself from a few, right? I’ve been on YouTube since 2008, so 9 years worth of me subscribing to channels. I looked and MOST of the channels had been inactive for years, no new videos in 2 to 4 years, so I unsubbed myself from them.

      When I got finished unsubbing myself from the dead channels I’d subbed to years ago, that haven’t posted a video in a minimum of 2 years, I ended up with 327 channels I’m now subscribed to. WOW! That’s nearly 700 dead channels I was subbed to!

      But anyways, since doing that, I’m no longer being automatically unsubbed from my fave youtubers any more.

      So, I’m wondering – if others who are being unsubbed automatically too, do they also have 1,000 channels they are subbed to?

      If you are reading this and you are being unsubbed from your fave youtubers, go check you “manage subscriptions” page to see how many channels you are subbed to. I’ll bet you find you hit YouTube’s 1,000 subs limit.

      Hope this helps you guys out!

    5. Rod Navarro says

      EelKat Wendy C. Allen wow! Beta tester power. Detailed thing! A must-try.

  3. Fab's Creations says

    I also lose subs whenever I upload a video!

    1. pghmommyshops says

      Fab’s Creations me too!!!

    2. iKingsPlay says

      Fab’s Creations me too

  4. Messya Mommy says

    Thanks God it didn’t happen to me, hahahaha becaus I have 8 subscribers ???????

    1. Justin Bennett says

      Messya Mommy hasnt happen to me yet…

    2. Messya Mommy says

      Justin Bennett not yet ?

    3. stunninglad1 says

      It’s nine now – I subbed.

    4. Stech Anfo says

      its happens to me i lost 5 sub 🙁 2 accounts are close and 3 for unknown reason.

  5. Jan and Bruce / Adams Van Adventures says

    It is also a shame that YT doesn’t seem to be able to get rid of trolls that have no subs and no videos when they are getting rid of our viewers. They get rid of the good ones and leave us with the trolls. What is up with that?

    1. Jan and Bruce / Adams Van Adventures says

      Don’t take it to heart Steve. You do realize that a thumbs down counts for the same as a thumbs up. I was told once from a very wise sub don’t worry about the thumbs down, watch the thumbs up.

    2. so steve says

      thanks,good point,
      i always read the comments
      only the one’s with value on other channels
      on my comments i always reply

    3. Jan and Bruce / Adams Van Adventures says

      I have always used a policy that if you sub and comment on my videos, I owe it to you to do that same to your videos. However, when I am out and about on our adventures, it is impossible to do using “iffy wiffy”.

    4. so steve says

      i have the same policy
      if you take the time to watch and comment
      it is a small a small thing to do for your audience

    5. Jamie Gilmour says

      Those trolls often can be a blessing in disguise. I can imagine many people make accounts for commenting so their personal channel will not receive hate for comments. There are many trolls who actually do pay attention. I would love to have anything in comments. I wish people were not so afraid to comment on a video of mine. Maybe I’d be way too excited or something and end up being awkward. I think there is a huge difference between repetitive comments that are copy and paste and then the ones who often are called trolls. I subscribed to a channel that had none and it didn’t show up. Yet, his comment is one of the top comments with a gazillion replies that are positive. I’m sure there has to be a setting that allows people to hide the subscribers.

  6. Bantakiwi says

    i lost 2 subs : ( and i only have 32 now

    1. stunninglad1 says

      +Jaw Tooth Very good point.

    2. Bantakiwi says

      Yeah, it sucks. But keep at at and you will get them back + huge shootout to steffan

    3. Bantakiwi says

      Steffen*, stupid auto correct

    4. Jaw Tooth says

      +Bantakiwi lol

    5. TheFirstGamer says

      sub4sub anyone?

  7. Moe Othman says

    *What sucks the most, is that the small youtubers get hit the hardest. The big youtubers gain thousands a day, so they can recover, but when I lose 2k Subs in like 3 days, that hurts a lot*

    1. Justin Bennett says

      Moe Othman restarting your channel over hurts the worst. been there feel the hurt.

    2. ChrisTvTM says

      im only losing views

    3. RiethAndalGAMES says

      Moe Othman yah

  8. Powerbang Gaming says

    YouTube is definitely broken, and it’s only getting worse. My 2nd channel was deleted yesterday for no reason whatsoever… and then when researching that with my support contacts at youtube, they actually tried to shift the blame back to ME. I have a 99% like-dislike ratio yet somehow they suggested that people flagged my videos enough to delete the whole channel, and thousands of others too at the exact same time.

    I’ve noticed the lack of views and decreased watch time especially in the last 10 days. My channel went 2 full days without collecting a single view, and I even LOST views on a particular day when checking on social blade. The subscriber glitch has also affected the channel as well. Something is definitely going on, which I’m fine with… What i’m NOT fine with is the blatant lying and deception coming out of Youtube’s PR department. It’s sad.

    1. NPT Music says

      When you’re getting millions of views you are pushed into a completely different advertising payout, probably 4-5 times normal payout

    2. Xscape says

      +New Piano Tutorials
      If that is true, alright. I do not know.

    3. The Adventure Biker says

      +Xscape Both of my channels are very small and waaaaay below average in terms of no. of views, subs, etc., and each of them are getting more than this.

    4. SamoreLoveTV says

      Powerbang Gaming – Clash of Clans yea happened to me before. They are the worst!

  9. stunninglad1 says

    A fascinating video, Derral. You Tube is broken. It unsubscribes me from channels all the time. If it’s doing that with me, then it’s doing that with others, too. You Tube also deducts views. Yes, deducts views!

    1. The Adventure Biker says

      +stunninglad1 Interesting. New subscribers show up immediately in the subscriber count at the top of my channel dashboard. But they don’t appear for 48 hours in the subscriber section of my channel analytics. It has always been this way across the multiple channels I have.

    2. stunninglad1 says

      +The Adventure Biker It’s a mystery and annoying as people have subscribed to me and have got annoyed when I haven’t returned the favor. Their subscription simply doesn’t show, so I assume they are just saying they’ve subbed – In any case sub for sub is not what we’re looking for. We want people to actually like our videos and sub with no strings attached.

    3. The Adventure Biker says

      +stunninglad1 Exactly. Same here. Sub-for-sub is never a good idea. I want subscribers who genuinely are interested and care about my content.

    4. stunninglad1 says

      +The Adventure Biker 100% correct. Too much spamming and folks clicking on the latest video trying to get us to sub.If they checked out our whole channel, they might see something they genuinely like.

    5. The Adventure Biker says

      +stunninglad1 Exactly. Agreed 100% There are also so many people on here posting worthless crap videos & clickbait just to get views & subs it dilutes all of the really good content and sometimes makes it difficult to find for those who would genuinely be interested in it. I guess that’s the nature of the beast and something you can’t really get away from.

  10. Eating Crow Comics says

    I have the unnoticed bug…

    1. NAOTV - Arena Of Valor & More says

      Eating Crow Comics its real bro its happening ! ! !

    2. The Adventure Biker says

      Eating Crow Comics LOL me too! The struggle is real.

  11. Firmbie says

    this makes it very difficult for small channels like myself

    1. Firmbie says

      This is one of the great things about utube ,is that we are able to share,assist and inspire other people who have the same passion about their craft.Thank you guys for your continued assistance..I ready do appreciate the input.

    2. Karin Kaith says

      Firmbie agree ?????

    3. Buckethead says

      Firmbie – SAME I just lost 5 subs today ;-;

    4. Sniper Markz says

      Firmbie yes

    5. Sniper Markz says

      Buckethead well i just lost 5 sub today too

  12. ReverseMe says

    Hey there, I’m a small youtuber, can you help me grow? 🙂

    1. Lundvalnaden says

      i can donate you some organic manuer

    2. technology productions 2017 says

      ReverseMe sure

  13. Yoked•Rabbit says

    my subscribers keep going 17,19,17,19,17

  14. Country Living says

    Trying to grow my channel please subscribe.

  15. Chris Sanders says

    I’m seeing EXACTY THIS..in fact, ONE OF MY PATREON memebers got unsubbed TWICE. This is stupid.

  16. Melanated Mae says

    I know for a fact Youtube trippin. I lost 200 new and active subscribers. This is so discouraging as a small youtuber

  17. Journeyman John says

    I guess that video that YouTube put out worked because no one seems to be talking about this anymore. This is still an issue! I’m a very small YouTube channel but within the last 28 days I’ve gained 90 subscribers but lost 19 so in reality I only ended up with 71 new subs. That’s not an insignificant amount of subs, especially for someone who hasn’t even hit 500 yet. I urge you and other larger YouTubers to please bring back this issue and not be pacified by YouTube’s lies!

  18. Random Nation says

    it’s kinda effed up to be honest it’s like YouTube is trying to keep us from getting big I mean what are they afraid of us getting rich and buying alot of stock in YouTube and end up owning it lol

  19. Screenga says

    I have lost 4 subscribers out of 5. And one of them is my son. how shall i grow. when i lose more as i gain?

  20. karl x smasher says

    I lost 136+ sub 🙁

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