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Things You Didn’t Know About Thor And Hulk’s Relationship

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Who is stronger between Thor and The Incredible Hulk? Here's What You Didn't Know About Thor And Hulk's Relationship! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg

Thor and the Hulk are two beastly superheroes that love going head-to-head with one another. Thor tries to be the voice of reason in the first Avengers when they have a fight in the S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier. Thor: Ragnarok is about 80% improvised and the two should have some great dialogue between them as well as other characters. The two complement one another pretty well as they are both big, strong, muscular, and love talking trash. They can also both breathe in space. Neither of the two were in Captain America: Civil War. Thor was off searching for answers about the Infinity Stones and one side having the Hulk would have been an unfair advantage. Over dozens of decades the two have had multiple fights which a lot of times result in ties, or one just barely beating the other one. The two are always trying to one-up each other and checking to see who is the stronger one. It is still undecided. Both have been frustrated with Loki throughout the Marvel movies. One of the best parts was when the Hulk takes him by the leg and pummels him against the ground in Age of Ultron. The two of them will be going on an intergalactic buddy road trip in Thor: Ragnarok traveling across the nine realms. After all of their fights they always seem to make up. Especially in Thor: Ragnarok when Bruce Banner doesn’t even realize they got into a fight. Their physical dexterity is also something to think about. Hulk seems to be the strongest being on earth, but Thor is a god so it is tough to say who is stronger. Thor and the Hulk have a pretty interesting relationship, right?


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  1. Spotastic says

    -crash bandicoot

  2. Darcy Nishi says

    I’m from the future and Thor and Hulk actually get married. Marvel goes full SJW in the future.

    1. lighterfawn40 says

      Killing my self

    2. Giorgos Viking says

      Darcy Nishi you look like in real need of help girl .. go see a doctor .. after I saw your videos .. you must be having serious family problems !! Do you get seduced often ??

  3. Melchzedek Peter says

    I hope they are not Gay!!

    1. JustASith Jeez says

      Melchzedek Peter BOI

    2. Angryswede 87 says

      Melchzedek Peter Nope but for some reason Thor, the male god of thunder becomes a female to cater to feminists

  4. popkornkid says

    Ok I have a question if they were on civil war what side would they be on

    1. branden neves says

      they’d make their own team.
      Team Thulk !

    2. Maliah Youngblood says

      Thor team Iron man and Hulk team cap

    3. Mighty Midhz says

      Maliah Youngblood why the hell would Thor be in team Ironman

    4. YngPhoenix says


  5. bill bixby says

    The score on Rotten Tomatoes for Civil War would’ve been MUCH higher if Hulk/Thor were in it.

    1. Snehil Shrey says

      bill bixby Then compare that to AoU

    2. bill bixby says


    3. TheDarkKing911 says

      Then you won’t have been able to see ragnarok

    4. Sceptic | ᵐᵒᵗᶤᵒᶰ ᵈᵉˢᶤᵍᶰ - Quit says

      You know rotten tomatoes just gets every review score and averages it right? Its not some company making there own scores for films xd

    5. DarkFlames Gaming says

      Then it really wouldn’t have been Captain america 3

  6. NoIdea says

    you guys need a good narrator………….

    1. Mike Hunt says

      Constant raised voice.

  7. brothers react says

    what a bout world breaker hulk

    1. george love says

      Alperen Çelen still not enough ta stop world breaker hulk

    2. Andrew Fallone says

      Thats debatable but WBH would destroy normal Thor.

    3. Zeldorian says

      Alperen Çelen Rune king Thor is Galaxy level he stomps hulk

  8. spiderman fanboy says

    Who else laughed every time he said hela wrong?!??

    1. John Steele says

      It was so annoying

    2. RadioactiveGamer HD says

      isn’t the planet called skaar and not sakar?

    3. Marqus Medina says

      RadioactiveGamer HD skaar is his son sakar is the planet

    4. Christine Ryan says

      Well, in his defense ‘Hela’ is a Norse word and he’s not Scandinavian, so I let it slide.

    5. disposableproduction says

      Hulk is stronger physically but Thor has more powers and. Mijolnir

  9. Joshua Humes says

    Chris is the perfect Thor

    1. Leah Dawson says


  10. Toby Edwards says

    Who do u think is stronger thor or hulk

    1. Bilal says

      Toby Edwards hulk

    2. Leah Dawson says


    3. Mujaea Z says

      Toby Edwards hulk

    4. Dominic Abbs says


    5. Boba fett says


  11. Bilal says

    Hulk will destroy Thor in my opinion

    1. Meadow Maciejeski says


    2. Meadow Maciejeski says


  12. Lewis Pollard says

    Thor doesn’t stand a chance against the hulk,especially when banner has no control at all. One slap and thor is down,just you wait for the new thor lol

    1. Mighty Midhz says

      Lewis Pollard thor is way more powerful than the hulk.one slap and thor is down you might be kidding me.do you evenread comics?? In every fight between thor and hulk thor does not use his lightning.in comics a regular version of thor defeated the Nul hulk which breaker of worlds

  13. Arianna White says

    Thor and Loki are demigods, not gods.

    1. Jim Benn says

      Arianna White Sorry. In 2012 they are Demi-Gods. In 1962, in Marvel comics (AND in Norse mythology), they are GODS. ?

    2. paragon028 says

      Arianna White Thor is a full God in mythology he’s the son of Jord (Gaea) the primordial goddess of the earth and the son of Odin and Loki is the son of the Frost giant Laufey and adopted by Odin after Odin slayed Laufey in combat. If both Thor and Loki were both demigods where’s their human parents then?

  14. Luc Dallaire says

    you saw a winner in a comic movie. Thor vs Hulk. Thor got killed

    1. Luc Dallaire says

      Mighty Midhz prove it 😉

  15. #ravenclaw says

    Yay I Iove the galaga wars music at the end!

  16. The Cowboy says

    The one comic character who could take down Thor is Superman. And the one comic character who could take down Hulk is Wolverine.

    1. MoJo Claw says

      The Cowboy
      Super man has beaten the hulk, Thor has beaten hulk many times, ?!?!
      I’m confused by your comment!

  17. Jim Benn says

    Stan Lee, in the mid 1960s, published a “Facts Story” about Spider-Man. In it they gave a list of Marvel super heroes, and compared them to Spider-Man. For strength, they had the list as:
    1) Thor
    2) Hulk
    3) The Thing
    4) Spider-Man

    HOWEVER, Prince Namor wasn’t on the list (that I remember), so Spider-Man would probably be #5.
    THIS MIGHT HAVE CHANGED in 50 years, but that list is the Original order.

    1. Jim Benn says

      P.S., if you feel like arguing, tell it to Stan. I’m just reporting what my comic books said. ?

  18. Andy Najarro says

    Funny Thing Is Thor Ragnorak Is 100 minutes Long Not Even An Hour

    1. Josh Gallagher says

      An hour is 60 minutes

    2. Mighty Midhz says

      Josh Gallagher he is pre School learning to count.lol

    3. Josh Gallagher says

      Mighty Midhz he had a reply it looks like he deleted saying it was just his opinion and nothing was confirmed but I’m pretty sure the length of an hour isn’t a matter of opinion lol

  19. Sept says

    does any one else now spades ship them? (you know, Kismetude, blackrom)

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