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To Clickbait or Not To Clickbait… That is the Question.

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Learn the difference between a powerful clickable title and dreaded clickbait. In this video, learn how to make great clickable and searchable titles for your YouTube videos.

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  1. Aashish Singh says

    Where my early people at?

    1. Derral Eves says

      I’m here!!!!

    2. Aashish Singh says

      Derral Eves Your videos are awesome sir, really inspiring, informative and helpful. – love from India 🙂

    3. Derral Eves says

      Sweet! I think I’m coming to India in June… Working out the details now with the conference now.

    4. Aashish Singh says

      Derral Eves Great! I am looking forward to it. 🙂

  2. ViralTalk says

    Hello derral
    May i have an channel evaluation

    1. Angelina Cutie says

      Love your video Viraltalk .Please tell me the software you use to make such amazing animation

    2. Jeet bose says

      ViralTalk Hey dude your recent video on “1 ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE TO GET 1MILLION SUB IN 1 MONTH” is realy true
      I subbed
      Going to start a youtube channel hope u will help

    3. Fulgur says

      ViralTalk OMG, that must be the thickest Indian accent I ever heared! ?

    4. ViralTalk says

      Thanx jeet sure i will
      Fulgur i am working on my accent Xd

    5. howthingslooklike says

      ViralTalk your accent is your sympathic side, I would not change it. Lot of my viewers love my German accent they said. It makes us humans 🙂


    I don’t even get enough views by clickbait lol

    1. BuggzHD says

      NITROSTRIKE your face revel video was not clickbait I think a job job on your title and thumbnail

    2. Jared Chan says

      Your comment is clickbait!

    3. Blue Turtle Computers says

      I don’t think your channel is clickbait. It seems like you are doing what you say. One thing, you don’t have to use all the language to gain an audience. I mean why would a parent (knowingly) let their kid watch that? Sure maybe one as foul as you are, but I would suggest laying off it. It’s unnecessary.

    4. ItsCaptainS says

      SUB TO ME!
      1 SUBS = 3 VIEWS
      5 SUBS = 30 VIEWS
      10 SUBS = 150 VIEWS
      20 SUBS = 500 VIEWS
      30 SUBS = 1000 VIEWS
      100 SUBS = 8000 VIEWS

    5. Skoarch says

      You content isn’t really clickable imo.
      As a viewer who was looking at your channel your titles aren’t appealing. Also you thumbnails could use a little bit of work.

  4. LackLuster says

    its not clickbait if its true. thats my rule.

    1. VroomReacts says

      The question arises – if two people have a different perception of true, is it clickbait if the title only fits the view of one of them.

    2. LackLuster says

      VroomReacts That’s thinking too hard about it. At some point, people are going to disagree with you, and you just have to say, f it. who cares what they think.

    3. VroomReacts says

      As long as what you think is the truth actually is the truth I wholeheartedly agree.

    4. ItsCaptainS says

      SUB TO ME
      1 SUBS = 3 VIEWS
      5 SUBS = 30 VIEWS
      10 SUBS = 150 VIEWS
      20 SUBS = 500 VIEWS
      30 SUBS = 1000 VIEWS
      100 SUBS = 8000 VIEWS

    5. RB FingerMagic says

      LackLuster Gaming true

  5. TankTracksBushcraft says

    I am a fan of well used click bait as it add interest to the video before you have even started watching a well established channel. however for my channel I haven’t taken that leap way from the searchable title, trying to stand out but trying to get found by people with your interest is hard. I am interested in what you have to say about thumbnails as I have gone through and recreated all mine for my channel, and I don’t know if leaving of text from them and trying to sell the video by good photos was a good idea or not. cheers Tim.

    1. TankTracksBushcraft says

      #AskDerral I feel bad video titles and thumbnails have hindered my views on videos if I retrospectively change the titles and thumbnails will this help increase views on old videos? or has the damage been done and I should concentrate on getting it right first time with newer content? thanks and love your channel and helpful info. cheers Tim.

  6. Morse Code Reviews says

    LOL!!!! You had a hand in that hilarious Unicorn ad?!?! Wow I might just buy yalls stuff after all.

    1. Chris Hunter says

      He was a part of that and so much more!

  7. Siim Land says

    “To clickbait, or not to clickbait; that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler for your rankings to suffer. The likes and shares of outrageous viral videos, Or, to get subscribers against a sea of views, And, by clickfunneling, lead them.”

    Thanks for your videos, Derral. Have found a lot of tips for my own channel.

    1. Jerome Marquez says

      Aggresive Colin and respect

    2. AppleFrendly says

      I’d simply say , Be True to yourself and to your audience! That’s enough to grow your channel.
      Thanks Derral. You are always an inspiration!

    3. Blue Turtle Computers says

      Good one 🙂

    4. RandyRanCandy says

      Stay honest be loyal and that will rack up your audience and keep them on their toes when they smell your genuine character through the title itself 😀

    5. ItsCaptainS says

      SUB TO ME
      1 SUBS = 3 VIEWS
      5 SUBS = 30 VIEWS
      10 SUBS = 150 VIEWS
      20 SUBS = 500 VIEWS
      30 SUBS = 1000 VIEWS
      100 SUBS = 8000 VIEWS

  8. DriveAndBeDriven says

    I will definitely be trying to use some of these tactics, Derral! ? Personally, I like the idea of clickable titles! That is the ultimate way to drag in viewers…. ?

    Just think about it! You can have the best video in the world, but if you don’t have a somewhat clickable title, very little people will even view it! ?

    Also, you don’t want your title/thumbnail suggesting something entirely different from what you are providing, mainly because that may cause your channel to lose its credibility. You don’t want people to insinuate your channel with false advertising! ?

    Plus, if you use dramatic and somewhat false clickbait you may get tons of views, but with YouTube’s new algorithm you want watchtime…. So, if you are providing content with false clickbait you run the risk of losing credibility, watchtime, and, in a way, you may even get more dislikes for not providing what you suggested to your viewers! ?

    I really like how Derral explained his “I’m Done!” title and thumbnail on one of his other videos. He mentioned how the viewer can take it as how they want to. Technically, he was “DONE” it just depends on how the viewer absorbs it and interpretes it! That is probably one of the smartest things you can do when it comes to “clickbait”. ?

    It is good to make the viewer infer what they are about to see, while still providing what you suggested… even though it may not have been how they interpreted it in their heads at first glance! Keep up the great work, Derral! ???

    Also, reply to my comment with your thoughts! I am open to a conversation! YouTube is a huge learning curve…. We all can learn something new! ?

    -DriveAndBeDriven ?
    “The Quest To Record The Best!”

    1. ღ para inspirar ღ says

      No matter how tempted I feel, I never watch clickbait videos, like “The truth!” or “I’m done”. They’re usually disappointing and disrespectful. So much content on YouTube, and I don’t need to waste my time on things that are not straight to the point. You know, I work, I have a life.

    2. Perplexia X says

      para inspirar I can’t work anymore, and I’m struggling to hold on to my life, but I can’t disagree…
      I could put nudes on all my Music Video thumbnails, but that would be equivalent to lying…
      that’s how you lose credibility, and I don’t have much to start with! lol 😀

    3. ღ para inspirar ღ says

      that’s not how you built an audience. People who still fall for that will eventually get tired of not having their expectations met.

    4. Perplexia X says

      para inspirar That’s what I’m saying!
      Now, if I had nude models in the video, that would not be lying…
      but Youtube wouldn’t let that slide, would they? hahaha
      They would ban me so quick, my head would spin!!! LOL
      I let my Music speak for itself, and hope that people will like it… that’s what I do!
      I know that I’m relying on word of mouth, people sharing, etc., but that’s the right way to do it! 😀

    5. ItsCaptainS says

      1 SUBS = 3 VIEWS
      5 SUBS = 30 VIEWS
      10 SUBS = 150 VIEWS
      20 SUBS = 500 VIEWS
      30 SUBS = 1000 VIEWS
      100 SUBS = 8000 VIEWS

  9. Doctor Comedy says

    The term clickbait is overused
    Catchy titles and thumbnails are different from clickbait

    1. ღ para inspirar ღ says

      there, I agree.

    2. ItsCaptainS says

      1 SUBS = 3 VIEWS
      5 SUBS = 30 VIEWS
      10 SUBS = 150 VIEWS
      20 SUBS = 500 VIEWS
      30 SUBS = 1000 VIEWS
      100 SUBS = 8000 VIEWS

  10. Max Family Fun says

    Ah I wish we had seen this sooner! Great advice!!! Thank you!

  11. WithHope * says

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with liable titles and clickbait.

  12. John Dahdah says

    #AskDerral I’d love some feedback on my titles & thumbnails. Love the content!

  13. Essential Craftsman says

    My channel needs serious help in this area.

  14. Mr Dube says

    I just titled my Latest Video “KID RAGES ABOUT GAMEBOY ADVANCE”. XD

  15. I Love Tansyong -TV says

    There are successful VLOGGERs are still using this misleading approach – CLICKBAIT

  16. Live and cut bait fishing with Jerry And Max says


  17. Mega family Time says

    Thanks a lot for all the tips

  18. Blaze Playz says

    Hi derral you do AMAZING tips

  19. Adriana Martinez says

    Hey u should make a video on how to make a banner pls I need a banner

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