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WARNING: I’m Not Suitable For All Advertisers

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WARNING: My content is not suitable for all advertisers and I had my latest video that was demonetized! WHAT?? Adpocalypse??? Yes, even a YouTube fanboy got nailed! I will explain what its going on and a few tests that I ran that you need to see.

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•••••••• Cameras & Gear Used To Shoot This Video ••••••••

Panasonic AG-DVX200 4K


_Audio & Microphone
Sennheiser EW 112P G3-A

Neewer DVR-160TVC 19 inches Outer

_Edited on a Mac
Apple iMac Retina 5K

•••••••• Other Gear that I Use ••••••••

Canon EOS 70D

GoPro Hero5 Black


_Cameras for Vlogging
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

Tamron SP 24-70mm

Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8

Neewer 12-inch Inner/14-inch Outer LED Ring Light

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  1. Lions Ground says

    Wow, ok, so your most educational baby friendly video is demonetized while I’ve exposed Youtube yesterday for making an ISIS video Trendy and Advertisement friendly. Youtube can be very awkward…
    …According to your theory Youtube notice things. If that’s the case why is the terrorist video that has the word ISIS in the title, terrorism in the description and tags featured in the trendy list and monetized since August 23 talking about killing and reclaiming Spain?

    1. WHO_TEE_WHO says

      Unauthorized Expression to me, mine’s equals money. If they have the minds they’ll get the money

    2. God's Son says

      Lions Ground Because it’s all politics.

    3. God's Son says

      MStacks85 That’s exactly what it is. Bingo.

    4. Ryan Salle says

      Hi Derral.
      I want to start a YouTube channel, gaming. I only need enough power to record Minecraft (or something around that level) without lag. I currently have an iMac and use QuickTime but it is TERRIBLE. I published one video without realising and I can’t do it anymore?. Lol. Anyway, I was wondering if you had a (cheap) solution. I’ve looked at PCs and capture cards but I’ve got no idea what they all mean. Thanks!

  2. Skippy0330 says

    People in my niche are getting hit hard. Me. Nothing. Looked at tags. Mine are void of free. Giveaway ect. Thiers aren’t. Glad to see YouTube cleaning up tags

    1. TomGirlGamer says

      I do giveaways all the time though so I tag those as a giveaway for a game, this should not be a problem. I’ve had videos flagged that did not even have tags placed on them yet. The whole system is so messed up right now.

    2. Azralynn says

      It seems to go in spurts though. People have nothing for a long time, then BAM, half their channel gets hit over night.

  3. Chitty Let's Play says

    I am so glad you finally made this video. Majority of our videos got hit. BUT THIS IS WHAT I LEARNT. It is definitely the meta data. I uploaded a completely blank video and it still got hit. So we don’t think it is monitoring what is said on the video.

    Here’s what happened.
    -> I uploaded a gameplay video of a non-violent game with no swearing and we got hit. I went and edited the video and saved as a new video to see what happened and still got hit.
    -> Went to the meta-data and noticed my description had the term FFS. Which was unintentional. I removed that and when I re-uploaded it, it was fine.

    Same with the call of duty video, it had the term Cannon Fodder and got hit. The MOMENT I removed that title and tag, it was fine on reuploading.

    Thank you for this.

    1. Dulcia Caro says

      Omg! Thank you so much for answering, ill be carfeul from now on with that.

    2. Chitty Let's Play says

      Metadata is the following – Your tags, your description, and your title.

    3. WhatsThe411TV says

      Thanks for your explanation!

  4. Raspberry Rock - Off Grid Cabin says

    I wonder if it’s just some speech recognition that’s messed up? For example, let’s say you’re talking about furniture and you declare you’re the Sofa King (say it fast). Maybe?

    1. Lovely Lasean says

      Raspberry Rock – Off Grid Cabin lol

    2. Spooky Boo says

      this cracked me up. ugh i can’t say it the way i want to or DE might get in trouble.

    3. Cast Iron Cooking says

      How many people read this and started repeating “Sofa King” besides me? Lol Some of us never grow up lol

    4. Zophie Vapes says

      Could be I said ship and shipping a lot in a demonetized video.

    5. Rebecca Meyer says

      Raspberry Rock – Off Grid Cabin I go back and check the closed captioning now.

  5. Big Beard Business says

    I did get hit. My videos are about colognes and they are demonetized before I even add a title or description.

    1. SAMO 6IX says


  6. The Realistic Viewer says

    It’s very disappointing that Youtube keeps doing this. Your content is perfectly in the TOS and A.F.
    Keep doing the good work Derral!

    1. Yak Motley says

      The Realistic Viewer same

  7. Help With Alcohol Addiction says

    The main point you should be talking about is the 100s of thousands of people who can’t get the video reviewed by a human. I.e. if I do not get over 1000 views in 7 days I can not get my video reviewed. But again no-one talks about this. I make videos helping people with alcoholism. Half of my vids overnight demonetised some of the will not get reviewed because of this 1000 view rule. Can you talk about this catch 22 situation. Please.

    1. Dulcia Caro says

      Teaching and Learning Online do you know of a video can be reviewed when it hasn’t been published yet? My channel is pretty mi h new and I have a small amount of followers but one of my videos is going through this annoying situation and I don’t want to publish it if I can’t monetized it. Is just so much work going to the garbage ?

    2. Debbie's Back Porch says

      That is exactly my situation. I have 278 videos and some never get 1,000 videos in any 7 day period,but they all get a few views a day. The cumulative revenue from these adds up, but now I get no revenue from the ones that get tagged.

    3. Life In Recovery says

      yep. My channel is Life in Recovery discussing addition, stress and anxiety, and health reviews. Every video that had a type of drug or alcohol mentioned was automatically demonetized. I have over 400 videos and this basically took away 75% of my monthly youtube revenue. I have a subscriber list of over 5000 and will continue to upload because it wasnt money that intrigued me, but cant help but be put out by the update.

  8. angietalksalot says

    Happened to me!! Nothing bad in the video, meets all the rules. It was auto flagged for no reason. I also re uploaded it like you & same thing. Its also annoying that they won’t review it until it hits 1k views in 7 days, how do small YouTubers make this happen when we aren’t guaranteed that volume of views in that time span? The censorship is becoming ridiculous and it’s going to make people leave the platform, this will backfire for YouTube. I just noticed this happening this week.

    1. Katie Cooks and Crafts says

      submit for review, my videos were reviewed despite not having 1000 views in 7 days

    2. Yak Motley says

      angietalksalot same here

    3. angietalksalot says

      Thanks guys, I did submit a review immediately so we will see what happens. Still ridiculous IMO

  9. Sacha Slone says

    Derral thank you for sharing these algorithm updates! Would you consider making a video with a list of [suspected] keyword triggers that are not advertiser friendly. Thank you for today’s video, much appreciated!

    1. Meditation Zen - Guided Meditations & SLEEP Music says

      @derral but dont tag your video with them 😉

  10. Kelly Barlow Creations says

    I do crafting on a budget and just about every video that I’ve uploaded over the last two weeks has been put up for review!!! I am so stinkin frustrated! Those first 48 hours after upload is when I make the most money off of those videos!

    1. TheMeriAtelier says

      Kelly Barlow Creations yes, art channel here, and getting hit

    2. Nina Ribena says

      Kelly Barlow Creations My latest video has just been hit!

    3. Kelly Barlow Creations says

      Nina Ribena hi Nina! I just looked at your latest upload, it’s probably because the word bleeding is in the title I can almost guarantee that’s why! So frustrating isn’t it!

    4. Nina Ribena says

      Kelly Barlow Creations Thanks Kelly, I thought that was probably the reason. The video was manually reviewed and thankfully they’ve given it the OK. It is frustrating and I’m worried about some of my older videos.

  11. ILUMINA Publications & Consulting says

    YouTube is shooting at their own feet. I’ve been posting all our videos on competitors’ platforms to build an audience there too. Been doing that for several months now. Every important video I post on YT (I have 5 channels and 2 of them have a few thousands subscribers) I also post on Vimeo and other venues to ensure it’s distributed/propagated on the internet, not just on YouTube. I suggest a blog/site (with your own domain name) and make that your central point of contact with your audience. In your blog/site you can embed your videos from whatever platform you’ve posted on, so if one goes down you have another and your site audience does not even know the source of your videos embedded on your site. AdSense works on blogs also, not just videos, plus you can hook up with other ad brokers. I just can’t let YouTube decide if I’m going to have a channel/video or not on the internet. … (WordPress may be the next YouTube)

    1. Darrell Barrett says

      Have you used Vidme or DTube? If you have, what are your opinions of those?

    2. ILUMINA Publications & Consulting says

      Never heard of. Tell me about it.

    3. Darrell Barrett says

      Which one? Vidme or DTube? I don’t know much about either to be honest… I believe Vidme creators depend more on donations… As far as DTube goes, I heard of that for the first time a few days ago. Some people were really excited, while others were critical. From what I understand (and I admit, I may be way off here) but it uses something similar to bitcoins… I don’t know how legit that one is, but the last time I checked (two days ago) a lot of people seemed to be excited about it.

    4. ILUMINA Publications & Consulting says

      Hmm, interesting. I was googling it and Vidme is a venture of 12 guys. Sounds promising. With all the tools available these days anyone can create their own social media site. WordPress has a plugin called BuddyPress that’s essentially a Facebook platform of your own, sort of, probably with a lot less capabilities but it’s scalable by knowledgeable coders. Anybody can do anything these days and to give one platform such an attention, like YouTube gets, is a mistake. They all go down sooner or later and then we all jump to another platform. I say the best is to have your own and gather your crowd/niche there. I recommend a self-hosted WordPress site/blog.

  12. letsCOOKwithELLE says

    This just happend to me, uploaded my cooking video and it’s showing that it’s not brand friendly ? I didn’t swear or do anything inappropriate. I checked my tags and can’t spot anything wrong.

  13. Ashton's Giant Toy Club says

    Thanks Derral. This video was very encouraging because lately it has been very frustrating. Six of our videos were demonitized. We are new to YouTube and really enjoy making videos and we are no where near getting 1000 views a week on any one video. So even though we’ve submitted them for manual review I don’t expect to see them switched back anytime soon. At least now we know it’s a common problem. Thanks for all your great tips and help. I watch you regularly.

  14. PonAboutFre says

    Some of my recent videos now slowly get demonetized even those video are advertising friendly, about this demonetizing things it’s all started when i uploaded a video that showing me accidently injured my hand and blood coming out. so i titled the video with the last “blood warning” and the next day it get demonetize and my other video as well, i regret upload the graphic video. Now i’m very sad ='(

  15. Xplorer Steve DIY says

    Just don’t mention God or Jesus Christ. Don’t like Trump or hate Hillary. Scan google news and produce video’s in agreement with their propaganda and you should be OK. Easy.

  16. RandomVideoCircus says

    I just got the yellow icon, and my video is super squeaky disney family friendly clean, there is something broken with the A.I., just goes to show you if you leave your site in the hands of SKYNET, there will be a nuclear War!!!

  17. Saving with tere says

    What about the comments we get does that effect that too or not ?

  18. DerpyGaming And Reacting. says

    #AskDerral So I’ve been having problems. I’m pretty young, spend all my money on my videos and I like what I do. I’ve seen some of your videos and I tried sharing my stuff to my youth group and while I got a lot of friends, family and a few others to subscribe I HARDLY get views of comments.. How do I fix that when I almost urge them every time to at least share it with their friends and etc? Thanks for (hopefully) reading this.

  19. Hayes Family Vlog says

    We got flagged for a Disneyland video lol. Been under review for 2 days.

  20. Suspense & ESCAPE! says

    SO . . . How’s your OTHER brother Derral? Okay, big fella, figure THIS ONE out! My channel’s now six months old, and in many ways it’s actually far ahead of my plans & projections: 99.2% thumbs up, lots of good comments, and already have some very loyal listeners. I’m closing in on TWENTY THOUSAND total views of my 291 uploads (programing is 100% audio) and have monetized. BUT, of those 20k views in 6 months, just 106 subscribers!??? Why so few subscribing with SO MANY tuning in? ALSO, here’s a laugh: Three of my uploads do not qualify for advertising! HUH? These are all CLASSIC RADIO SHOWS FROM THE 1940’s and 50’s ! ! ! Just to be certain, I checked a couple of other established channels with the EXACT SAME EPISODES, and ads are running on those! Whaddya think, pal? (I’m gonna protest, but I also think it’s kinda funny) I think perhaps it may be my description, title, or my episode- specific cover art. Take a look at my Suspense episode: GLENN FORD in “The End of the Road” and tell me exactly what’s “objectionable,” (if you could take a couple of minutes) Lemme know!

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