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When Is the Best Time To Upload Videos To YouTube?

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Wondering what is the best time to upload and publish your YouTube videos… I give you a few key thoughts to help you as YouTube Creators.

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  1. TechOBen says

    I’m early! Sub to me! Lol

    1. YouTube fór mewtwo Mega says

      I have learned that asking people to sub to Your channel Makedonie you lose subs.i’m at 250000 subs

    2. Jaw Tooth says

      that’s not actually true.  check out BaltimoreandOhioRailroad channel and see for yourself.

    3. Tech Talk says

      i sub u and u sub me

  2. Commander Rex says

    Yay! 1st comment. Hi Derral Eves I like your videos contents very nice facts

    1. WallexNet says

      Commander Rex Like if you love PRANKS, than check out my YouTube channel ?

  3. S GAMER houasnia says

    you r the best youtubers i wish you the best

    1. AlphaRW says

      We have the same amount of subs LOL

  4. LifetimeSuccess says

    I was just wondering this thanks derral eves

    1. WallexNet says

      LifetimeSuccess Like if you love PRANKS, than check out my YouTube channel ?

    2. ToxicGhostVideos says

      Dude, that is not the way to get subscribers. Let me tell you…

  5. Aditya Singh says

    Hey sir I have question how can I find tags for my YouTube video that help me to rank higher for eg: my video is about the best Android apps : March 2017 so how can I find relevant tags for this video I hope you reply!

    1. Old School Home & Garden with Sasha says

      Ansh Saini hi there, the way I do it, is I do both google and YouTube search for let say Android apps. Start typing best Android apps and let google and you tube auto populated. What is your email address? I will email you a link to a website I found that you can type any word or phrase and it will give you the most popular searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and Amazon.

  6. grutho says

    I never be able to grow on youtube because I have been following steps of others (derral eves) I understood that to grow we should take our own steps thats all matter

    1. A Nerd's World says

      Yes I’m stuck at 600 subs.

    2. Viral News tv says

      +SuperLuminal Vega true man .. I have 60 subs and im very thankful to the people who have decided to support my channel by subscribing to me. I’m very happy God bless my subscribers

    3. AsianGamerBro says

      A Nerd’s World same. Stuck at 180 lol

    4. House of Escobar says

      grutho Try doing a hangout on Periscope. And say something unique, not boring. Helps build community.

  7. Der Schlaumacher | Geniale Fakten, Tipps & Lifehacks says

    How long do you stay in Berlin? As the YouTube Lead Ambassador Germany I organize monthly YouTube Creator Meetups in Berlin – but it is on Sunday and I guess you won’t stay that long, will you? I think it would be really interessting meeting you.

    1. Der Schlaumacher | Geniale Fakten, Tipps & Lifehacks says

      I’d love to, but unfortunately I have an important appointment tonight. But maybe (if you don’t leave Berlin too early tomorrow and would like to), we could have lunch together. I would appreciate hearing more about vid summit and your work as consultant – if it is not too obtrusive (I am no fanboy…just interested :D). Contact me on twitter (@derschlaumacher – if you like and have time ;D). Otherwise have a nice stay in Berlin.

    2. Derral Eves says

      I leave at 10 am tomorrow to Paris

    3. Der Schlaumacher | Geniale Fakten, Tipps & Lifehacks says

      What a pity. So have a good flight 😀

    4. Jamie Wagner says

      I’m almost at 20K, Maybe you could have a look at my channel and subscribe and give me some tips! I really wanna get moving this year with the channel! Really appreciate your videos!

  8. Carl Runefelt says

    Could you make a video about AdWords? Pros and cons. I know you’ve said that boosting a video at the first day of uploading is not recommended since that kills the organic growth. So, my question is, what about boosting some older videos to gain traffic to the channel (i.e. newer videos)? Does using AdWords harm the organic growth of your channel?

    I used AdWords, about 100 dollars and got around 70.000 views and 400 subscribers, so that seems all fine and dandy, but I’m worried about the organic growth of course!

    /Carl (I make music covers)

    1. RetributionAngel says

      Just do it for your best video. Most Popular most liked & shared video.
      That way you allready know people will share it again.
      Or you could post it on the video that gives you the most subs if you want to grow subs atm.

    2. MisterChief53 says

      AdWords kill your trends

    3. Will Vice says

      MisterChief53 What do you mean by trends?

    4. Takeiteasymama Mama says

      Will Vice Google it

  9. Andrew Marr says

    Hi Darryl, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you provide YouTube creatives (new and old). I’ve watched many of your videos and have collected valuable information that has guided me in developing my approach to creating videos and sharing them on YouTube.

    My YouTube channel is only small as it’s only been running for a short time. However, in just 6 months I have managed to build a community of 6000 subscribers, which I regard as a great start to my YouTube journey. Your advise around building a brand, unique thumbnails, the importance of tags and titles, along with the broader approach of setting goals, defining a message, and having a clear vision as well as planning has been invaluable. I would attribute much of the success of my channel to the information you’ve provided, so again thank you!

    This is another great tip, I’ll go back now to my analytics and look when the best time to upload it for my channel.

    1. LauriePOP says

      Wow, that’s amazing that you grew it to that many subscribers! Congrats! His info is so very helpful.

    2. Andrew Marr says

      Thanks Laurie, yeah it’s great information not just for beginners but for any creators that wants to continue build their channel. Before I started uploading videos, I researched how best to approach my channel and Derral was an endless source of valuable information.

    3. EverNoticeThat says

      I just checked your channel out and your thumbnails are beautiful, good stuff. Played one of your videos and hear a British accent (the best in the world) makes you stand out to us in America. Best of luck to you!

    4. Jordan Jordan Show says

      I am trying to reach 1000 subscribers. Hopefully I can get there just like you 🙂

  10. Cast Iron Cooking says

    I left Disney at the end of January right before they fired PewDiePie. I have successfully monetize my YouTube channel again and then partnered with Google. I see the views and the stats on Google AdSense but it still has my money that was left over from the last time I was partnered with them. I see the stats but I do not see any dollars being made period even though I see dollars being made every day on my video manager on YouTube. Can you please tell me if this is normal or how to connect my account again if need be. thanks buddy! #askderrel

    1. Cast Iron Cooking says

      Ok Big D I just sent you the DM if you have time someday to check it. Thanks buddy!

    2. Derral Eves says

      +MichaelSerial twitter?

    3. Cast Iron Cooking says

      Derral Eves I should have said PM lol I think that’s what Google plus calls it. if it would be easier I can send you a email. I have seen you’re unchecked Google Plus notifications it is usually in the hundreds LOL

    4. Cast Iron Cooking says

      Derral Eves what’s happened to your email in your about section? Deleted Twitter a year ago. It is overrun by really bad sinful people. there are so many illegal activities going on there and it is not screened as well as Instagram Facebook and YouTube

    5. Cast Iron Cooking says

      Derral Eves OMG! LOL so sorry I’ve been spelling your name wrong maybe that’s why you haven’t been getting my hashtags but I was close LOL #askderral

  11. Zaid Khan says

    thanks! i’ll keep it in mind and reasearch more

    1. Zaid Khan says

      i upload at noon around 12 or at night around 1 (IST)

  12. TheBarleyHorrorShow says

    Love your tips, trying to follow them all! just watched your 1 hour+ long vid loved it!

    1. TheBarleyHorrorShow says

      I also subscribed 🙂

  13. Chantmagick says

    You just came up on my feed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YouTube and just started my second channel for my new project, Chantmagick. I’m excited to dig into your tips. Thanks for sharing!! . . . and come on by when you want to hear some beautiful chants!!

    1. Chantmagick says

      I upload daily but at different times. I have less than 50 subscribers, just getting started!

  14. SpeedGaming says

    Hey guys I’m am doing a Microsoft GiftCard giveaway on my channel so check it out guys 😀

  15. Rebecca Vocal Athlete says

    thanks for the help daddy bear

  16. Jaw Tooth says

    I upload my videos at 10am twice a week.

  17. Gino Brouwers says

    AWESOME tips here man, subbed 🙂

  18. Then And Now Official says

    your awesome !! you deserve one big like !!

  19. Beautylashes19 says

    I have a global community too, so I post at UK time 4pm which is about 8:30pm in India and early morning & afternoon in the USA 🙂

  20. Rita-Marie Hartford says

    I upload at 12 pm MNT time, and I seem to be doing really good, but when I checked my analytics it was all over the place. Even though I have been really not been consistent.

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