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Why Dean Unglert Isn’t Ready to Be “The Bachelor” | E! Live from the Red Carpet

E! Live from the Red Carpet collection

"The Bachelorette" star reveals why his needs some time before taking on the role as "The Bachelor." Take a look.

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Why Dean Unglert Isn't Ready to Be "The Bachelor" | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Rosa says

    aww at least he is honest with himself. bless his heart!

  2. Petra Aaron says

    I love how honest and self aware he is.  I believe Rachel sensed his need to just mature in some emotional areas and had to let him go.  Dean rocks…he will make a great husband when he is ready.

    1. sydney kara says

      Petra Aaron Ik right?! I’m in love w how honest he is and genuine. also his smile??

  3. N. S. says

    If Peter is the Bachelor 2018, I won’t watch but would definitely watch Dean.

    1. Elilta Zellalem Mengistu says

      N. S.


      N. S. Dean is to precious for rhat


      that *

    4. sydney kara says

      I’d watch either lol they’re both cuties & seem like such genuine kind dudes, I’d gladly watch either one of em?

    5. Renee Moore says

      I would watch. She is lusting after Bryan and doeent want to wait

  4. Penny Lane says

    No don’t say that ughhh. I want Dean as the bachelor, Peter would put me to sleep.

    1. mjhtisdbest says

      Thank god someone else feels the same way about Peter

  5. Emily says

    If Dean doesn’t end up with Kristina in paradise then he needs to be the next bachelor. Peter completely played Rachel just to be the next bachelor.

    1. Alyssa Coaye says

      Multum Legere Parvo You do realize it’s not his choice to “win,”right?

    2. Kallie 19 says

      i love how you all think peter played rachel and think bryan is pure. y’all are dumb. id much rather her be with someone who said something when they were 17 than be with someone on another reality tv show when they were 27 ??‍♀️??‍♀️

    3. Kiki B11 says

      Alyssa Coaye yes…however, i think Rachel would be able to pick up on his sincerity or otherwise non-verbal emotional cues.

    4. Renee Moore says

      Emily, she gave an expensvie watch to another man, how is he too feel?

    5. 56sonya says

      Emily No, he didn’t he’s not that kind of a person, he just wants to be sure she’s the one, marriage is serious it’s not a game for tv,he is so in love with Rachel it’s obvious.

  6. Vicmer Santana says

    I still want him to be the bachelor

  7. bis f says

    He needs a little therapy but he is perfect otherwise !

  8. Vivi Dellarena says

    Dean is in love with Peter, just as the rest of us. Love them both ❤️ #PeterNextBachelor ❤️

    1. Neesha Shah says

      I think Dean and Alex from Rachel’s season are in love too. Remember that end credits scene with the Vikings, they were so cute! But yesssss #BachelorPeter!

  9. Neesha Shah says

    I hate that people are saying he isn’t mature, even if he was the youngest guy in Rachel’s season, he was more sensible and in tune with himself then most of guys in the entire franchise. Ya, he has some issues with his family, but he’s not perfect and who doesn’t? Also stop hating on my man Peter, everyone is saying that he only did this to become the next bachelor, but lets not pretend that Rachel wasn’t set out to be the Bachelorette the minute she walked out of that limo in Nick’s season just because she was a successful black woman. And if you think Peter is too suave for Rachel you must be out of your mind to think that Bryan isn’t. He charmed that first night and just like Dean said, he’s a 37 year old man whose been sweet talking woman into getting what he wants. If anyone is in this for the wrong intentions it’s Bryan, maybe they’ll make it last for a while until they fade under the radar with a kid and get divorced so that he can find another young hussy. And I don’t deny that Rachel is a strong, smart woman but she was tricked into thinking he cares about her. But my point is, maybe Dean is a little young and it scares America into thinking he’s not genuine, but don’t try and act like he’s not mature. And go Peter!

    1. sydney kara says

      Neesha Shah damn couldn’t agree w this comment more!!????

    2. Zebee says

      “but lets not pretend that Rachel wasn’t set out to be the Bachelorette the minute she walked out of that limo in Nick’s season just because she was a successful black woman.”… WTF kind of stupidity is this?!?!?! This is a real comment? You are psycho. WOW! Dean is more mature than most of the GUYS in the house, but emotionally stunted from trauma in other areas. How are you not getting this? Yuck… What is wrong with you? His maturity, elsewhere, allows him to see that he needs work. He’s greater than most MEN, but is not “there” yet for marriage and should honestly wait until he’s a little older to get married. He’s became a sensation and will have endless groupies. He needs time.

    3. Zebee says

      I didn’t expound because it was clear I would be wasting my time. You claimed Lindsay planned to be Bachelorette from the beginning…you did not accuse ABC, but Lindsay… to prop up Peter … which was outrageous.

      “…but lets not pretend that Rachel wasn’t set out to be the Bachelorette the minute she walked out of that limo in Nick’s season just because she was a successful black woman. ” – you, from original post

      You’ve now changed your original thesis (The entire reason why I replied) to:

      “I’m saying that the franchise chooses their stars based on how many views they think they’ll get, and how much money their star will bring them. Rachel is beautiful and smart and successful, but the franchise mostly just sees her as a way to stop the criticism they’ve received for always choosing a “non-white” bachelor/bachelorette.” – you, your reply to my post

      That’s not what you said in your original post.

      Also, I say that Dean will be ready to marry in five years because his star is rising (a plethora of new opportunities, likely) and he’s in his mid-twenties in L.A., like…he will be surrounded by groupies (obvious and not so obvious) 24/7. A completely different life than what he had before the show when he truly considered getting married.

      Not to mention it appears he has defined himself and his family by their loss. He has had this experience with his fam which will hopefully lead him, given his self-awareness, to seek assistance in the mourning process he has yet to really take himself through. People complained it was inappropriate to film, and it was painful to watch, but I think it will likely be the best thing to happen for that lovely family if they take one or two more steps. Given how high Dean’s EQ is (and smart in general he is), I believe he will watch and see where both he and his father went wrong, and hopefully where they went right (and act upon it if nudged). It is a rarity for us to watch our conversations replayed to us. Hopefully he will be encouraged to take the necessary steps towards healing. This takes time.

      Lastly, biologically he just became an adult since at the age of 25, I’m sure you know, the brain exits adolescence. A 28 yr old is able to reason in a way that a 22 does not. The anxiety/agita that comes with adolescence abates. He will come into his own in a couple of years, if not slightly sooner, but definitely in 5 years.

  10. Alemla Jamir says

    I am totally agreed with the speculations that Peter played the game to be the next bachelor. I love to watch Dean in the next season of the Bachelor.

    1. Kiki B11 says

      Alemla Jamir He is a former “model”….like really….if he wins it really is miracle season?

  11. purelife228 says

    I just adore Dean. He’s so beautiful I can’t

  12. phillygyrl30 says

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Alex, Adam, or Kenny as the Bachelor.

    1. Renee Moore says

      Not Kenny, he was a toad. But i agree and would add Bryce or Anthony

  13. shannon nesbitt says


  14. Cascia Proctor says

    I think Dean and Peter will make a fabulous couple.

    1. Arizona Skywatch says

      Cascia Proctor Only you’re forgetting that men can mention other men’s looks without being gay. My hubby is prettier than me, and straight men have man crushes on him as soon as they meet him. Lol

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