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Why Kenya Moore Thinks Kim Zolciak Is Like a “Dark Cloud” | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star calls out her Bravo costar for bringing negative energy to season 10! Take a look.

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Why Kenya Moore Thinks Kim Zolciak Is Like a "Dark Cloud" | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Tisha G says

    Kim is turning up because her show is about to be cancelled and she’s trying to get a full-time RHOA check. Her husband is unemployed and she’s desperate to keep her baller lifestyle.

    1. luqman turakı says

      Tisha G preach it? thats why she is doing the most .

    2. Ryan Schafer says

      I thought ‘Dont be tardy’ was #1 in Bravo ratings?

    3. Brandon Good says

      Don’t be tardy is #1 I’m it’s time slot, don’t get it twisted.

  2. Σάρα Ιωάννης says

    And you’re just a ray of light aren’t you Miss Moore?! ???

    1. Javier Garcia says

      I love Kenya all the way.. but I know she ain’t no way of light

  3. Independent Politics says

    Kenya’s a racist, and doesn’t realize it. Why make the comparison that dark is negative and bad when describing someone’s personality, while light is positive and good?

    1. lex t says

      Independent Politics the hell are you talking about. She’s talking about PERSONALITY

    2. Fatma Al-Ubeidi says

      You tried it

    3. lex t says

      Fatma Al-Ubeidi you’re smoking

    4. Independent Politics says

      lex t you seriously don’t get it. When talking about someone’s personality and using “dark” as something negative, it’s racist, but to be fair, I went back and edit my post to make it more clear what I was trying to say.

  4. Clara Abaguy says

    Kenya is not a racist, nobody believed her back than when she was telling the truth about  Phaedra, right?

  5. Dasen Haze says

    Kim is such an annoying prick

  6. luqman turakı says

    Yes kenya was shady but atimes just fun shade with is fun to watch, but kim is just going in very hard and dark for a cheque.

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