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Why YouTube Is Deleting Subscribers

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Why YouTube Is Deleting Subscribers. On June 16th,YouTube will remove suspended accounts from all channels' subscriber counts. What this means is there may be a minor drop in your subscribers, but not from your active viewers‒ and it won't cause any problems with your views or watch time.

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Why YouTube Is Deleting Subscribers?

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  1. V2DHEART says

    i’ve also lost a couple million combined views on my video’s 

    1. khmer Full TVHD says

      Done sub you, Please sub me back. thanks

    2. V2DHEART says

      +khmer original song TVHD comment on my video’s

    3. V2DHEART says

      +CrazyGamers TV you need to eat more vegetables 😉

    4. khmer Full TVHD says


    5. So Ko says

      V2DHEART give me shoutout pls

  2. Jimmy Smith says

    Hey +Derral Eves Great video. What’s going on with Youtube and rankings? Seems my daily video views even from my subscribers has dropped and my overall channel views aren’t where they used to be. I post videos at least 5 days per week and my videos aren’t ranking as well as they used to.

    1. Derral Eves says

      They are changing a few things up… What I would do is look closely to analytics and see if some of your old videos dropped in views… +Jimmy Smith 

    2. Jimmy Smith says

      +Derral Eves
      Thanks. Everything dropped across the board.

    3. Derral Eves says

      +Jimmy Smith Hummm… I think I would wait for a week or so… Something is going on!

    4. Jimmy Smith says

      +Derral Eves
      I don’t know man. You can check my channel, not a small channel at all but the views are down. Have you heard anything about Youtube not showing the video to all subscribers anymore?

  3. Smokey x Reup On Site says

    I’m going through this very problem.

    1. JediGamer 777 says

      I subscribed

  4. Kool To The Foolas says

    I should get more than 25 subscribers instead of went back to 23 subscribers. I need help.

  5. GraythedefilerYT says

    this just happened to me today like i just lost 60 subscribers in one hour im so confused and mad

  6. Movies & Series says

    i losr 200 just now

  7. Gaming with Ryan says

    Dude I had 189 subs and now I have 138

  8. Andrew The Mentor says

    I had 789 subscribers and now I’m at 325 wow I’m just shocked and disappointed I put a lot of hard work into my channel! Pls subscribe to my channel to comfort my heart and I’ll subscribe to yours! Thank you all

  9. Jacob Kinnear says

    I got 100 subs yesterday and now I have 47 I’m really ?

  10. Lina the Purple fennec fox says

    I lost 200

    1. Lina the Purple fennec fox says


    2. Marvellous A says

      Lina the Purple fennec fox I lost 30

    3. Berrule says

      Lina the Purple fennec fox I lost 100

    4. Marvellous A says

      Lina the Purple fennec fox guys I subbed all of u plz sub back lets help get our subs back

    5. Lina the Purple fennec fox says

      Marvellous A ok

  11. CreativeQueen x says

    Thanks for the info. You know the thing is, it shows that the numbers are less, but when I check again after few hours, the subs havnt decreased its just the same as before. And I get so confused…….

    1. Marvellous A says

      CreativeQueen x same

    2. Marvellous A says

      CreativeQueen x u are on 79

    3. CreativeQueen x says

      Marvellous A It was 85 yesterday and now it’s 79 ? It means sooooo much to me seriously because I dont count subscribers as numbers, I count them as people/individuals :(((

      Youtube has done this so many times with me. Its very annoying seriously.

      (You know one very strange thing..youtube is so smart that it does decrease the number of subscribers, but that doesnt show on the analysis graph!! )

    4. CreativeQueen x says

      Sometimes the subs decrease and sometimes they are just the same when u check after few hours. I honestly dont understand this ?

  12. South Creds says

    I had 238 subscribers and I wake up this morning I have 71 subscribers not fair

  13. Kevincottter Vlogs says

    Youtube deleted all mine

  14. NarutoAmv's and fights says

    YouTube delete my 55 subscribers. I’m a small YouTuber with 110 subscribers but fking YouTube deleted my 55 subscribers ??

  15. Unown098 Geometry Dash says


  16. Viliam TV says

    Am have 242 subs and ebout one dey am los everione

  17. Ryan N says

    I was at 200 subs. Now I have zero.

  18. My Big Fat Unicorn says

    it worked!! i subscribed lol

  19. Drevo Tv says

    I lost 300 subscribers

  20. ItzTheRealWester HD says

    thats the reason why i lost 42 subs in less than an hour, if i lose my whole subcount (787 subs)
    , I will commit suicide (no joke)

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