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Will Sophie Turner Watch “GoT” With Boyfriend Joe Jonas? | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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Find out if the "Game of Thrones" star would watch the HBO series with her boyfriend by her side! Take a look.

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Will Sophie Turner Watch "GoT" With Boyfriend Joe Jonas? | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Thomas the Dank Engine says

    Wtf since when are they dating?

    1. BostonBruinsOWN says

      Thomas the Dank Engine long time lol

    2. Cairo Murphy says

      Thomas the Dank Engine Since November 2016

    3. cookiesncream789 says

      Thomas the Dank Engine I know. I had no idea either lol.

  2. xsammyx101x says

    shes the star of a hit show and the only questions these fuckers can come up with are about her boyfriend.

    1. Arya Stark says

      Saying that she is THE star is a bit much. I am the star, duh.

    2. Bethany says

      Arya Stark HAHAHAHHAHA ?

    3. Profesor N. says

      pretty sure she gets asked hundreds of questions NOT about her boyfriend. the questions about her boyfriend are probably like 1%

    4. DepJocson says

      HAHAHAHA dayum girl!

  3. D Parker says

    Yea, Joe was a huge fan of the show before he dated her. I met him a year ago and asked him if he watched GoT and he was like HELL YEA! We talked for like 3 minutes about it and it was one of the best moments of my life lol

    1. Daemon Blackfyre says

      D Parker niice. Where was this?

    2. D Parker says


    3. Larten Crepsley says

      D Parker so he was nice then?

  4. George Cobelens III says

    thats the vulgar word for dung

  5. Fabio Buzzo says

    why would this even matter?

  6. Allie Hodges says

    Thank you so much for not asking invasive awkward questions! I hate having to watch the faces of my favs fall when interviewers are super invasive

  7. Think Clear says

    She deserves better from a boyfriend, like toni mahfud maybe

    1. Saitama Trash says

      Think Clear what’s wrong with Joe?

  8. Char Bucket says

    If I was acting in a show or movie of any kind, I’d probably do the same thing, but especially a show where I’m regularly tortured mentally and physically for 5 seasons, I would not want to watch with other people.

  9. Middle Finger says

    Come to daddy

    1. Reiner Gatdula says


    2. Freddie Fresh says

      i lol´d at your name

    3. Emilia Mckenzie says

      she likes her man younger

  10. Loen Lothbrok says

    She is so related to Sansa Stark and I don’t know if this is a good thing ._.

  11. Antonio Barrera says

    When will she appear naked

    1. MermpyDermpy says

      Antonio Barrera stop right there

    2. Wyrd Sister says

      this season

    3. Antonio Barrera says

      Wyrd Sister for real?

    4. Wyrd Sister says

      Rumor has it (t&a). Although I don’t know the exact episode.

  12. Edward Royale says

    Sophie Turner should date Iwan Rheon

    1. Tutori4lsWonder says

      Edward Royale Sophie Turner should date whoever she wants

    2. Edward Royale says

      Tutori4lsWonder Do you really not understand that it’s a joke or are you purposely being dumb ffs.

  13. Leah Jade says

    ‘He would be a Tully…oh no wait my mum’s a Tully’ that was so cute!

  14. Positivity Games says

    Let’s see how Joe Jonas reacts when Ramsay and Joffrey do something to Sansa

  15. van wentworth says

    as a brit she seems to losing her british accent…a few words sounded american. maybe she filming for another role at the moment.

    1. Cynthia says

      well joe Jonas is American

  16. Ada says

    I forgot they were dating

  17. noveltybobel says

    She sounds like she cant decide if she wants to be British or American

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