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YouTube Algorithm 2017 Explained – The A.I. Behind The Curtain

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Here is part of my CVXLive 2017 Presentation: YouTube Algorithm 2017 Explained – The A.I. Behind The Curtain. This is the 3rd part of the Decoding the YouTube Algorithm and learn how to grow fast on YouTube with Algorithm Driven views series. Learn about YouTube Machine Learning Technology and how it interacts with viewers, videos, and channels.

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  1. HowBrood says


    1. 「 Indivinity 」 ツ says

      HowBrood gratz

    2. Derral Eves says

      Congrats!!!! You are the winner for this video

    3. HowBrood says

      Derral Eves thanks Darrell. Could I ask you a question? What are you using to mount your Apple Macs up?

  2. Scape Games says


    1. 「 Indivinity 」 ツ says

      Scape Games youre second

    2. Scape Games says

      「 Indivinity 」 ツ nevermind

    3. Derral Eves says

      So Close

  3. So Lucky says

    Whats up! Derral!

    1. Derral Eves says

      Not much… You?

    2. So Lucky says

      Derral Eves i love all your content…thank you so much for posting these videos….im doing my best to correct my mistakes while im still out of school for the summer ?

  4. N.A ClaSHer yt says

    Notification squad, 4th view, 1st like, 1st comment

    1. Derral Eves says

      ❤️ #notifcationsquad

    2. N.A ClaSHer yt says

      Derral Eves you replied to me for the first time

  5. Elite Dance Company says

    Woohoo ??

    1. Derral Eves says


    2. Elite Dance Company says

      So useful thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  6. KING KASHEZ says

    the algorithm is completely RANDOM LOL

    1. Derral Eves says

      not random, but learns!

  7. Pianolicious says

    Your face is so red on phone!

    1. Derral Eves says

      sun burn! 🙁

    2. Pianolicious says

      oh sorry about that 😉

  8. Trailer time says

    nice video

    1. Derral Eves says


  9. Catch Em All Fishing says

    thanks so much for your help Derral! with your help my channel has popped! THANK u so much!

    1. Derral Eves says

      Nice!!! ?

  10. Comment Burns says

    my question would be why do I have only 1.40$ from 47.000 views and 10 videos. I knew adds where low, however it is very disappointing

    1. Trigger Happy says

      Low watch time, coupled with a low cpm genre of content most likely

    2. Team Chaotix Br says

      Depends on the county people whatch your content. As he said Saudi Arabia CPM is low, so it could be the same in other countries that might watch your videos.

    3. FLawsOme leWiS says

      Comment Burns and my question is. How you got that much views with 10 videos ?? I need to know your algorithm ???

    4. ViralHorses says

      dammit, i’m a starting Youtubers, made quite some video’s and taking YouTube real serious, but hearing this doesn’t motivate much at all! Wtf YouTube!

    5. Thunder Blixem says

      Comment Burns i

  11. HypedDutchVideos says

    I think you keep repeating yourself Darrel, there is no new information in your algorithm video’s. It is good information, sure, but you are telling us the same stuff again and again.

    1. UncaBilly says

      If the views and audience retention time is good, feel blessed. I have compared many vids to mine that are getting lots of views for basically the same content. One video I spent two to three hours on and I found another that was recorded in guys back yard doing the same subject matter. He had hundreds of viewers compared to my double-digits. I had over 100 more subbers than he did.and many more videos. I also had more tags, etc., than his had. What am I missing here?

    2. Solara Unboxed says

      He may keep repeating himself, however it let’s newer viewers know it is relevant info at least! For fans of the channel, may not be the most ground-breaking video. I found it helpful though!

    3. Roaring Beast says

      HypedDutchVideos i

    4. SteveProbs says

      Youtube tweaked the Algorithm to flag almost all content & making you earn 1,000k views to get a review otherwise, you won’t grow. Why won’t these so called youtube experts tell you that?

  12. Alessandro Carpentiero says

    Notification squad 🙂
    I’m working hard on my upcoming YT channel (launching later this month). Thank you for your valuable tips!

    1. Derral Eves says

      nice to see the Notification Squad here!!!

    2. Alessandro Carpentiero says

      Nice to see you here too Derral!
      I actually have a super tiny question regarding the “Video Minutes Watched”: does it track something like the % of the video that your audience watches? I can’t seem to figure out this point clearly 🙂

      Thank you and have a great day!

  13. Skippy0330 says

    You’ve seen a lot of sun, kinda jealous.

    1. Derral Eves says

      I look like a Tomato ?

    2. BeardBroTV says

      *doesnt matter to me that you repeat stuff*
      *I AM GRATEFUL that i found your channel a couple of years ago*

      because since then i really got more and more interested in the topic algorithm.
      You will be one of the reasons that i will be succesful one day.


    3. Computer Garage - Australia says

      I thought it was my monitor

    4. hiding in my room says

      Skippy0330 i think its the spotlight 🙂

  14. Leonhart says

    I’m about to hit 192,000 subscribers. What’s the best place to see what’s trending on YouTube? Google keywords?

    1. FLawsOme leWiS says

      Leonhart if I knew how to use that thing

    2. Maxkil says

      I’m about to hit 752 , I’m happy with that so far.

    3. Izzie's World says

      Trending…home page

    4. Ticas_Creations says

      can i paint something for your channel?

    5. Uhohhotdog Gaming says

      Izzie’s World that’s not what they’re talking about

  15. Brianna Morris says

    I’ve started my channel off with makeup videos but they were barely getting 50-100 views so I started doing fashion hauls too which I wanted to have on my channel just not exclusively fashion hauls the fashion hauls work though and i’ve seen most of my growth from those videos but as a newer channel I don’t have the money to keep up with these videos every week. I want to incorporate other videos but nervous it’ll hurt my channel views ?

    1. RGV Love says

      just an idea , how about a lookbook video using the things you got in the haul. This way you can use the same items twice, and people will subscribe waiting to see how you style it.

    2. Brianna Morris says

      +RGV Love (Crazy Indian Mother) great idea thank you!

  16. Sopherina says

    I love your videos! I have grown to nearly 2k subs (growing by around 100 a day) and some of my videos have thousands of views because of your advice! All in 3 months! Would love to get in contact with you for 1-1 help, do you offer this?


      Sopherina you are pretty, and that’s why you are growing haha :p

    2. Oscar Lopez says

      Amazing what good YouTube SEO and beautifulness can do ?

    3. Ticas_Creations says

      want me to paint something for your channel?

  17. David VanAtter says

    What do you think is weighted heavier – watch time or audience retention? I.e. If I have the option of producing a 40 minute video with a 50% AR or a 10 minute video with a 90% AR, which would be preferred all other factors being even?

    1. AlecIsNostalgic says

      David VanAtter I’m not an expert, but I think he mentioned in a previous video that whatever videos accumulate more time for viewers to be on YouTube. So if the overall amount of time spent on YouTube from the longer video is higher than the smaller video than that one is typically more ideal.

    2. David VanAtter says

      AlecIsNostalgic Thanks, that seems great.

    3. David VanAtter says

      Follow up question. Is it better to post one 30 min video (of a taped weekly talk) per week or cut it into three 10 minute videos to post more often?

    4. AlecIsNostalgic says

      David VanAtter again, that depends on what would more effectively increase your watch time duration.

  18. PictureFit says

    The problem with a lot of people here in these comments is that they want some magical information that they never heard of in order to finally break out of their subscriber and viewership woes. Fact is, even if the information that Derral is sharing might sound “repetitive,” it is still the most solid information you can possibly have. There simply isn’t anything “magical” about it, nor is it intended to be. If all of you just apply the things that Derral shared, then you will be much better off than where you are now. If it doesn’t work for you, then chances are the problem is your content, which then figuring out the algorithm shouldn’t even be a priority for you.

    1. Millionaire Hoy says

      The problem isn’t the algorithm or Derral, it’s that free information — or anything for that matter — isn’t valued by those who receive it, and even worse, they feel entitled to the information. I purchased vidsummit classes in the past and I’ve made WAY MORE than the $200s that I paid for the classes back, due to the information that I learned. Had those who are complaining paid to hear this information, they would have enough context to view it as valuable, and they wouldn’t be complaining about it being “repetitive”, because they would have only heard the information once. I’d expect this behavior from passive viewers, but it’s honestly a shame to see other creators exhibit this behavior.

  19. iLuvTrading says

    I’ve been uploading a video every day for almost 2 years straight.,not sure what happened but I gained like 100k subs in the past 6 months. I think consistency is one of the main keys. And my vids is no high quality and all recorded with my phone.

  20. quechus13 says

    I legit don’t know what else to do, I have good content that no one has, good tags and yet I get jack.
    Help someone.

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