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YouTube Changes Layout – Again! – YouTube Creator Studio

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YouTube Changes Layout – Again! YouTube Creator Studio Derral explains the recent changes to YouTube's navigation / layout and how it effects you and your channel. YouTube Creator Studio.

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YouTube Navigation Changes
YouTube Layout Changes

YouTube Changes Layout – Again!
YouTube Creator Studio

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  1. Prabh Saini says

    First to watch your awesome video. 🙂

    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks for being my first watcher +Prabh Saini 

    2. Prabh Saini says

      +Derral Eves 🙂

  2. MelonRecordYT says


    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks +md MelonRecordTV 

    2. MelonRecordYT says

      Welcome Bro..Ur Youtube Vids are the BEST!

  3. Setting4Success says

    geez, can’t people ever leave things alone? ..oh of course not we might go about and have a life instead and still know what we are doing .. Thankfully we have Derral on the watch tower- Insane amount of time and resources wasted for things which really are not getting any better or any simpler- 

    1. Derral Eves says

      There is always changes 04:33 !  🙂 +Setting4Success 

  4. Gamebrewtv Strahz says

    +Derral Eves Thanks for showing these changes! Hasn’t happened on my channel yet, but overall it doesn’t seem too bad.  I agree with you with having quicker access to Video Manager and analytics.  Hopefully YouTube takes that into consideration

    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks for watching always +Gamebrewtv Strahz!  Yes the changes are small, but they seem to happen all the time!  🙂

  5. DdiVine1 says

    +Derral Eves   there is another way to get to analytic’s,Click on—> ‘my channel’—->> when u get to Your channel Homepage,click on Views,which should be ryt next the amount of subscribers you have,this will take your analytic s page.

    1. Derral Eves says

      Yes… I do know that one… thanks!  I just go to my analytics when watching other videos all the time!

    2. Ethan Dipasquale says

      +Derral Eves thanks alot this really helped
       but i have a question: How do i get more views and subscriptions from random people (get my video’s seen)?
      thanks again have a great day night or EVEning what ever time it is 😀 bye

    3. Chris H J LOEternal says

      +Derral Eves god for you fatso

  6. MRJOHNDEERE3720 says

    theres some bulls****.. they need 2 stop F***ING with thing”s, i dont even use dashboaed,  o & by the way utube I WANT MY OLD CHANNEL LAYOUT BACK… this 1 is bs”s.. this 1 is all white, o god i just want blind from it being all white……

    1. ARevengeBroken says

      Dat grrammerz. O.o

    2. MRJOHNDEERE3720 says

      lol 🙂

    3. RafikMagic1992 says

      +MRJOHNDEERE3720. 🙂 hello i ded a tutoriall  on how to use the new youtube check it out

    4. MRJOHNDEERE3720 says

      +RafikMagic1992  k will do thanks. 🙂

    5. oobie2b says

      MRJOHNDEERE3720 n

  7. Seriezs says

    They made a huge mistake by removing the menu on the top right corner..

    1. RafikMagic1992 says

      +Seriezs hello i ded a tutoriall  on how to use the new youtube check it out

    2. Nadex says

      Youtube basically died since Google+ took over

  8. Aquarius199 says

    And once again, Google fucks up YouTube with another stupid change. Will these shitty changes ever stop? Either way, I hope someone makes a Google Chrome extension for the Chrome Web Store that lets you use the old navigation bar again.

    1. Jimmy_MC says

      Yes i cant watch mine channels now

    2. TheDatingLab says

      They seem to change the layout when you’re actually getting used to the last layout.

    3. Noodles37UK says

      +TopDatingHacks.com  Have you sussed WHY  they do this, yet? In prison they shift prisoners about– for the hell of it. It’s control by the Google ” elite”. I’m positive they do it purely to excercise power over the people. Past caring, I think. No respect for this site anymore, welcome arguments now as at least I’m getting some kind of feedback.

    4. Queen Deiji says

      +TopDatingHacks.com I’m still not used to this layout. I want them to change this quick.

  9. mother 3 fan says

    I love this change so much

  10. Rai Jo says

    Derral youtube main page has changed I can’t see videos by sections. It shows two videos at a time. I hate this. Help!

  11. Grim Tales says


  12. Luke Gaming says

    i don’t have that button on youtube

  13. Lightn'bug says


  14. chickenlover321 says

    Please watch my YouTube chickenlover321 ill be doing giveaways

  15. B Donald says

    Great vid man!!

    “It feels like things are changing all the time and it can get really frustrating for some of you sometimes. And it can get really frustrating for some of you who really don’t know how to do the most simple things on youtube”
    – You

    The rate at which you guys change things is hard for even the most experienced youtubers to tolerate.
    CGP grey (6.8 Million subs and been on youtube for 6 years) talks in detail about some technical stuff on his podcast Hello Internet. It’s a fun podcast and you might find it an easy way of getting some feedback. : )

  16. Suspense & ESCAPE! says

    You’re right. There’s NOTHING for BEGINNERS, NOTHING easy, no step by step instructions. AND YOU GO WAY, WAY, WAY, TOO FAST TO FOLLOW. I JUST got into my creator studio last week and now I can’t even find it. Come on, SOMEBODY make it easy.

  17. Onion San says

    So YouTube has pretty much had the same basic layout for 3 years. Personally, I’m fine with that because I like this layout.

  18. Todd Manner says

    Missing the point. Gen public don’t know where NOT to click. left helpless. Some bastard at Youtube is keeping their job but hanging out the universe for dry is not good. Don’t like Google for that.

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