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YouTube Playlists: The Most Underutilized Feature on YouTube

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The most Underutilized feature on YouTube is Playlists. I found that most YouTubers don't use playlists at all. This video is all about YouTube playlist… Why and how often you want to use playlists on your YouTube channel.

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  1. Wonders List says

    first hahahah

    1. Handimania says

      Wonders List congratulations for your achievement! 😉

    2. Derral Eves says

      +Wonders List thanks!!! Keep watching

    3. Wonders List says

      Handimania thanksss , wow 400k subs *_*

    4. Handimania says

      Unfortunately empty number. However we don’t give up. 🙂

    5. Wonders List says

      Handimania haha yes 🙂

  2. Danny's Aquariums says

    Derral you have 355K but don’t get many views? Why?
    Can you come over to my channel and give me some feedback?
    *_Keep up the good work and thumbs up!_*

    1. Lifewithpets says

      So helpful, I didn’t realize not to create a playlist at the same time as uploading. Thanks for that helpful tip!

    2. Kenji Eresmas says

      Danny’s Aquariums he helps a lot already.

    3. Venters Gaming says

      yup agree I always did that  when I uploaded a video created a playlist there

    4. ZeroFluff says

      No matter how many subs you have, it is almost always new people watching your newer videos. Many times people will watch a video of yours and like it. Then they subscribe, and never watch another video. That is the only thing I have been able to figure out in 5 years.

    5. Ray The Video Guy says

      Derrels videos are informational, as opposed to some kind of entertainment video. These types of videos aren’t going to get the viral-style views that some crazy stunt video would get

  3. A0[X] Hermbeurg says

    *_Derral can you tell me how i can verify my channel (tick next to my channel name)_*

    1. A0[X] Hermbeurg says

      Krp F for what?

    2. Krp F says

      A0X Hermbeurg – Block Strike I had a doubt which got clear.

    3. PeterTheAwesomeGamer45 says

      yes I would like to know

    4. Game Tech says

      You need to have 100,000 I am verified 🙂 i got verified before youtube changed their rules

    5. CraftsWithIsabella says

      A video digging in deeper to series playlist would be very helpful.

  4. subtac says

    Does adding an old video to an already existing play list also create an ID/asset?

    1. The Adventure Biker says

      subtac I could be wrong, but I don’t think it does.

  5. Aqua Kop says

    Derral I am not able to play your video, it is saying “something went wrong, tap to retry”

    1. Aqua Kop says

      Never mind, its all fine now

  6. MaryEllen After 60 says

    Because of you, I started creating playlists 2 years ago. I wish I could find a way to move videos around in a playlist, once it is created. I watch you videos all of the time, but do not always comment. Blessings…MaryEllen

    1. Uhohhotdog Gaming says

      MaryEllen After 60 you can move them in the playlist by going to edit playlist

    2. MaryEllen After 60 says

      Thank you very much, I will try it now!!!

  7. The High Priestess says

    I love the playlist they help with organising videos so well.
    I was wondering if you could show how to do the livestream without using Google Hangouts where others can partake in the Livestream. I find Google Hangouts quality of video to be quite hazy at times making a HD camera look like you’re recording on the lowest setting, its so frustrating. ~ Karen

    1. The Adventure Biker says

      The High Priestess if you’re not satisfied with Hangouts, try using Skype. Set up a video call(s) on Skype between all your participants and then use screen capture software (or app if using mobile).

    2. The High Priestess says

      The problem is that the guests reply to the Google link it sounds like a lot of mucking about using Skype and doubling up on a screen capture, how would chat work then? As we interact with those that join us live in the chat room. To use a screen capture wouldn’t it mean more drain on the computer and requiring to upload the session that is screen captured? confused :/ sorry 😀 I use my laptop and guests use theirs or mobiles.

    3. The Adventure Biker says

      The High Priestess Well both Skype and Hangouts work across platforms, so no issue there. But if your viewers on YouTube are engaging in Youtube chat then you will need to open the chat up in a separate window /display in order for you to view and interact (if using the skype method).

    4. The Adventure Biker says

      The High Priestess Just start a regular live stream using screen capture software, and not the Hangouts method. That way, your subscribers etc. will get a link to your stream. In that stream youcan broadcast any type of content – in this case it would be a screen-captured Skype conversation / video call. Does that make sense?

    5. The High Priestess says

      The Adventure Biker mmmm not really, Im not what you’d call tech savvy hun, is there a video showing how to do it? Wouldn’t the guests have to have Skype set up on their phone? And it would cost a bit wouldn’t it? Sorry ? if it goes past ABC Im woah steady up ?

  8. Tamera Weeks says

    I don’t understand the content i.d. problem if you make a playlist at the time of upload. I’ve actually done this many times.

    I’m working on my playlists so that content is easy to find on my channel. I have a lot of work left to do. You are the reason I have done as much as I have. 🙂

    1. Indian Twin Mom says

      Tamera Weeks Even I do the same thing , I don’t understand how that can be a problem

    2. Tamera Weeks says

      +Indian Twin Mom hmm lol

  9. BuzWeaver says

    As a Let’s Play Gamer, YouTube play list are incredibly important.

    1. Cars Simplified says

      Indeed, especially when they are so underutilized!

  10. Katie Cooks and Crafts says

    I use playlist to organize my content. Making a new playlist every week seems like it would clutter my channel make it less organized.

    1. PrettyAmateurStuff - Gaming says

      Well you don’t have to put them all on your channel page. Just make em, set em to automatically update and forget em because they primarily play a role in SEO.

  11. Linda Houck says

    I’m missing something. What does it mean for You Tube when they recognize you create content, as in how it is beneficial for the creator?

    1. Draw It, Too! says

      Linda Houck It shows you’re an active channel.

    2. Linda Houck says

      Oh okay

    3. Linda Houck says

      But doesn’t loading new content show you’re active?

  12. BrickTsar says

    I’ve been trying this for a while but it seems the playlist often get zero views so I’m like what’s the point. I’m working on promoting them better through cards and end rolls.

    1. Cars Simplified says

      Sometimes you get lucky and a playlist will appear at the top of a popular search that doesn’t have much playlist competition yet. One time I even got a boost in views due to someone else’s playlist!

  13. Beanie Draws says

    Whenever I’ve uploaded a video, especially if it were part of a series, I’d always put it in a playlist as I hit upload. Would you say if I had have left it for another time to do the playlist bit, that my videos may have got even more traction than they already have?

    1. Stowed Stuff Daily Vlogs says

      I do the same thing. For years. How could that option hurt us? Very confusing to get penalized for organizing videos at time of upload.

    2. Information Managers Ltd says

      I’ve done the same thing – upload the video and enter the advanced settings including the playlist in one step. I don’t understand why it makes a difference but I’ll give it a try doing them as two separate steps.

    3. Cars Simplified says

      Yeah, I’ve been doing that, too, though sometimes I forget and add them later. either way, I haven’t seen any significant difference leaning one way or the other.

    4. TNGT #TeamNicaGeneTalks says

      He said it was okay to put it in a playlist upon upload, just not to CREATE a new playlist upon upload. If you’re going to create a new playlist, do it 12 hours or so after you upload the video. He said in a recent seminar that has the new YouTube algorithm to do a new playlist 2-3x a week. If you upload daily then do it every day that you would miss an upload. And add 5 like videos in it that are related(if they’re related in playlist they will come up on suggested search)

  14. P.S. I Love You Crafts says

    Great information. Is it a good or bad thing to include other people’s videos in your play lists?

    1. Cars Simplified says

      YouTube really likes when people stay on their site, so if you make a playlist people stay and watch and it’s connected to your channel, YouTube will look favorably on your channel.

  15. Curly Rahelua says

    I tried the playlist feauture and my views went UP INSTANTLEY! Thank you Derral Eves

    1. Jordan Pike says

      Have you still been implementing this strategy?

  16. Jaw Tooth says

    Derral, why is your name spelled like that?  Also, you don’t look like a Darrel.  lol

  17. Ginger Cook says

    thank you very much for this tip on playlists… had no clue…. you are awesome. getting busy asap to fix this.

  18. Uma Richmond says

    Thank you; I am learning

  19. DeadRowSinner77 Live gamers says

    Hi Derral, im being watching a lot of your content lately and realize how wrong my perception (Banner, trailer, playlist, tags, etc.) was, after doing some changes a notice my watching time went up but subs are still kinda low. Trying to build a live gaming focus channel but im kinda stuck, any suggestion what im possible doing wrong? Thank you,

  20. Wise Walk says

    Can you collect views from a playlist containing other people’s videos?

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