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YouTube Red – YouTube Launches Paid Membership

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YouTube launches paid membership app that lets you watch ad-free YouTube videos when ever you are signed in! Derral Explains everything you need to know about this service!

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YouTube announced "YouTube Red," a $9.99-per-month subscription service for YouTube that will launch on October 28. The service lets you watch videos ad-free among other premium features, and it will eventually fund the production of premium, members-only video content.

At an announcement event, YouTube also launched "YouTube Music," another specialized "vertical" app interface along the lines of YouTube Gaming and YouTube Kids.

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  1. Absolute Nails says

    Yeah from the videos ive seen on this subject, the rich are gonna get a LOT richer and the smaller channels like mine are gonna suffer. As if $7 million dollars isnt enough for the top Youtuber.
    Why should we all pay so the larger channel profit more and to watch stuff ‘offline’ hmmmm!!!!

    1. Absolute Nails says

      +lightsen Riiiiiight ok u explained it better than anyone else I’ve watched! The other channels were just a bit too hung up on money going to the larger channels first then the money filters down the line to us. But as always, time will tell!!
      Thank you for taking the time to explain =)

    2. lightsen says

      you’re welcome, lots of people mistake the earning to go into an overall ‘pot’ that is then shared between everyone which isn’t true

    3. Luna The Wolf x3 says

      +lightsen -Gasp- So I don’t need to have 5,000 subs to make a decent amount of moneyz? 😀

    4. lightsen says

      +LPSMuffinPaws :3 it would depend on what you consider decent 😛 I get enough for my bus fare and my lunch at work, but thats about it haha

    5. Luna The Wolf x3 says

      +lightsen  Well, enough for Youtube to actually send me a check. XD ($100)

  2. Scratchifier says

    Good luck beating the techies on the subject of adblockers, Youtube.


    1. Scratchifier says

      +Scratchifier Oh and if I can’t get no ads with no money, yeah I’m quitting until fixed or red recanted. Hi twitch. Hi facebook. Hi twitter. All those sites aren’t being incredibly dumb so why does Youtube have to be incredibly dumb?? xP

    2. Derral Eves says

      +Scratchifier hahahah it will be fun to watch for sure!

  3. Track848 says

    Good info, Derral — I just noticed you’re approaching 167k subs… it seems like just a couple of months ago we celebrated 100k for you. Way to go!

    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks … Having fun!

  4. Train Tsar Fun says

    Social Blade rated PewDiePie a D- lol

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Train Tsar Fun Funny right!

    2. Aeron Salipsip says

      +Derral Eves Not available on philipines

    3. Vincenzos Plate says

      +Train Tsar Fun ahahhaha it’s funny

  5. TheTacticalDefender says

    Very miss leading. I download a video to watch “offline” but it’s not actually saved to my cell phone. I have to be logged into YouTube to access my “saved videos”, so therefore I’m not actually watching them offline. I wanted to save some videos and debates to listen to at work where I have no cell phone signal. Am I not understanding this correctly or just expecting too much as usual? Thanks for your assistance.

    1. Stephen Fiore says

      ……i have same question. …..I would like to know also ?

  6. Mphillippe GT says

    an ad is like just 5 seconds and you tell people to pay around 33 cents/day to skip a few minutes of ads?

  7. Cesare Vesdani says

    In addition to YouTube Red, I have an idea for YouTube called “YouTube Green”. Currently the “YouTube Green” feature does not exist, but I have a plan for people like me who uses copyrighted music. My idea of “YouTube Green” is a database of copyrighted songs and music where people can ask for permission to get a written permission by the copyright owner to use the songs and music on their YouTube channels for free (legally).

    1. Stephen Fiore says

      …… I would like to do a lot of guitar covers without worrying about copyright. You have a good idea…

  8. KEEVVY says

    They should had move all youtube porn on it insted of F us up.

  9. MD says

    I thought he was The dad from the Thundermans

  10. courtney_ xox says

    Derral do you know how to be on YouTube red

  11. Cheryl Obrien says

    How to join YouTube/ red through YouTube ??

  12. Sonia Soto says

    I have it and I love it..

  13. Crispened Ham says

    okay but like, before YT red we also had paid channels? nearly the same, just more experience *but* the 4.99 is /only/ good for that ONE channel

  14. Art Time says

    what so I was on this

  15. PixelProject says

    Dear Friends and others, YouTube Red is simply a means of getting money from you,
    it’s primarily designed for pubescent teenage kids with raging hormones and as such will fall for this new way of collecting money from them. It’s common knowledge that if you have a product that appeals to 12 to 22 year olds you will become a millionaire almost overnight mobile phone apps is a good example

  16. Tom Cat Lyons says

    I just updated and paid utube red with my visa. How come I’m still getting ads

  17. TLR Sexuality says

    So how do we become a paid channel?!?!?!?!

  18. Brave Heart says

    Problem with music on youtube is volume of uploads keeps changing so it cant really be used like a streaming service. Not unless there’s some way of levelling out the volume.

  19. Jello Wellow says

    Can someone please tell me how to cancel YouTube red. If I get a answer that helps me I’ll sub. Pls help

  20. Thug Life says


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