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YouTube TV – Game Changer???

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YouTube to launch paid TV on-demand service in a few months, which will carry 40+ channels including major broadcast networks. Is this a game changer?

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  1. Armanator says

    Yo Derral, you’ve inspired me so much to make YouTube videos! Thanks

    1. Wonders List says

      Armanator yes, me too , he is a great

    2. Kenji Eresmas says

      Armanator me too. hope you can visit my channel and lets help each other.

    3. Totoro the Traveller says

      And me!

    4. The Foodie House says

      Armanator same here I started my cooking channel

  2. Roberto Blake says

    It’s a brilliant move, I’m buying it and this really is going to change everything. Cable is dead to me now.

    1. Will Ortiz says

      I can’t wait until it comes out. The minute I heard about it I added it to my vlog. I think that it will cause sling and other to change their format but I don’t think they’ll be able to compete with Google’s server space unless they use AWS to stream the live TV. Once this comes out I’m dropping my cable that costs me $281 a month!

    2. Instinctive channel says

      all due respects your wrong i have been using Youtube connect for 3 years and it allowed me to watch to an extent more shows and movies than directv…. ok so i have been using it the free one but paid is just going to get better… oh and paid tv is no angel ok they give ads like crazy on all shows if a show is an hour long they give 25 minutes of ads. and paid programming is so out of control that it’s like an infection all over your tv the networks want to give better but cable and sat do not want to pay royalties they just want to collect and plunder the public for all they got.

    3. Creative House says

      yah, you all right. Cable Tv sometime make a heavy panic.

    4. Shae And Rae says

      I have Dish now but now looking into the Amazon Fire Stick & Sling. My cable bill is ridiculously high and yet I always feel like nothings ever on TV. A lot of people I know are going in this direction now.

    5. Benji Travis says

      love this

  3. grutho says

    I never be able to grow on youtube because I have been following steps of others (derral eves) I understood that to grow we should take our own steps thats all matter

    1. Ceasar Clark says

      TrackHead Studios if i go and view your content would i be impressed or get any value?
      your time will come when its time, just focus on producing your art to the world and improving it. its about the journey not so much as the growth milestones or any end goal. Read some seth godin books. i recommend the DIP and maybe leapfirst.

    2. TrackHead Studios says

      I believe you would. Head on over and give me a critique. Aside from much of my earliest content, or some live concerts I’ve uploaded, my videos are 100% self-made: music, sound effects, video, story, etc… Let me know what you think.

    3. The Foodie House says

      grutho please check out my YouTube channel

    4. Gamingby Sage says

      well this post did help you out.. I noticed though you have no other info up..i.e. twitter, facebook, webpage.. it’s kind of helping me out.. it might work for you.. my youtube. might not be popping but my paragon discord is filling up fast.. and well the discord was my goal so it’s worked for me..

    5. grutho says


  4. This Little Critic says

    I feel with 35$ u could just get Cable TV…

    1. Gregory Everson says

      my cable is 40$ a month, but what makes it cost more is the taxes, federal, state local and sales tax, then its about 100$ a month

    2. Kevfactor says

      i think cable companies are going to start charging you for going over the data rate. know cox is. really it’s going to even out in cost and sadly most places wont have an alternative network to go to, well unless they live in a big city. 🙂

    3. Uhohhotdog Gaming says

      My Cable is $128. 84 Without any extras like DVR, HBO, HD channels.

    4. This Little Critic says

      Wow. I guess alot of ppl pay alot more than 35$ …. Oh man!

    5. Hidden Knowledge says

      I pay $145 with the “bundle” (internet, cable, phone) cheaper to get it with a phone than without it DVDR included….

  5. Uhohhotdog Gaming says

    YouTube needs to get AMC before I get it. Need my walking dead and I don’t want to wait til the day after and buy it.

    1. Uhohhotdog Gaming says

      You still need a cable subscription to watch it.


    I love my direct tv and i only pay $127 for direct tv with all the channels and att dsl 40 mbps download! not a bad price for both together.

    1. Hidden Knowledge says

      Yeah, that isn’t bad. But that internet is really slow. However, if that meets your needs it will work.

    2. ruskinhood says

      that’s almost 4 times my internet speed and i livestream videogames all the time. why would it need to be faster than 12 mbps?

    3. Hidden Knowledge says

      You don’t need a lot of things, till you have them. Then you can’t live without them. I remember when I was happy growing up with a 3 mbps connection. I didn’t think I would ever need more, boy was I wrong.

  7. Rock Paper Crafts says

    I am a cord cutter. I cut the cord last year in my house and went with just Netflix, hulu and DVD/Bluray. I live with my parents in their house and I only cut the cord in my part of the house, they kept the cord in their part of the house because of my dad and sports. My mom has talked about cutting the cord because of the price of our service but wont do it because sports does not stream yet. Unfortunately they made me hook the cord back up in my part of the house, but we were able to compromise and I still get Netflix and DVD/Bluray and the XBox. I am still curious about the YouTube TV service. I cut the cord because regular cable tv programs stink. I have to question what shows will be offered? And how will this effect the YouTube channels that we all love?

    1. Lincoln Riddle says

      YouTube TV is a cable streaming service. It is literally cable being streamed through the internet, and YouTube is the provider. It is just like Sling TV and Playstation Vue, except it cost a little bit more, while offering a little bit less. At the moment, YouTube’s name is the only actual part of YouTube that is involved with the service. P.s. Playstation Vue is the best deal.

  8. Unauthorized Expression says

    The DVR is infinite because it’s not a DVR. it’s a library for videos already stored on youtube servers. Get it? You set something to record and it does not record. it gives you a ticket that you redeem when you ask to view your “recorded” media. Not a bad thing at all. I’m just a know it all prick. lol

    1. Derral Eves says

      it’s actually a DVR service… It will store it up for 9 months. If you only want 4 mins of something, you can record just that 4 minutes

    2. Unauthorized Expression says

      Thanks for the clarification. I think that’s kinda stupid of youtube if that’s true. Did they feel like their life wasn’t challenging enough keeping up with 1 million hours of video per day? lol

  9. king of bricks productions says

    This is a very awesome Idea now I can watch my TV shows anywhere at anytime. When you say $35 is that per month or just one time? because if its just one time everyone will be getting it!

    1. LovedHappy says

      per month 🙂

  10. jmarylastone says

    if it was just me in the household I would check it out and see what it is like

  11. Candid Tech says

    Sling TV baby. $20/month

  12. zidan zizo says

    hi any one support me i will support back ,thank u

  13. Breaking Elegance says

    I cut the chords bro, sounds like a great idea if it’s offered with youtube red included in might get it

  14. martin bates says

    if this comes to the uk and i dont have to get a tv license ill be happy to get one

  15. Rosco's Reef with Scott says

    It is a grea move and I definitely would but it.

  16. Inspired By The Mouse says

    Very interesting, not sure if I would go this route yet, though.

  17. How2Do says

    this channel is dying

  18. Jake.Barker says

    I have cox cable .

  19. MIKE H says

    I need some help I am building a citizen news channel called Twisted Broadcast Network its not doing very well can u help

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