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YouTube Video Content Strategy & Framework

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David Walsh and I discuss the Youtube Video Content framework that YouTube would like all creators to follow. (Hero , Hub and Help content)

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  1. jninja says


    1. jninja says

      I just needed to do a comment to get second

  2. Danny's Aquariums says

    I always love your videos Derral!
    You really help people!
    *_Keep up the good work and thumbs up!_*

    1. Amadeyy says

      Danny’s Aquariums *#lel*

  3. LuisDanielPLayz says

    i am a youtuber i dont know if my content is good or not?

    1. Tricking Forever says

      LuisDanielPLayz Hey man I checked out ur channel u have great content make sure u check out my channel too and subscribe

    2. HOLLA SOUNDS says

      +DUTT SAHAB Stop Spamming dude saying Hey I checked out your channal obviously means you didn’t lol

    3. HOLLA SOUNDS says

      I did actully look at your channal and I’m not one to give advice as I’m kinda doing terribly on youtube lol so many intentions and great ideas that never materialise. I need to sort it out.

    4. HOLLA SOUNDS says

      O also your view counts getting 100+ per vid which may seem small but your increasing overall channal views

  4. AS-IS says

    I would pay cash money to see derral in a Wonder woman costume ????

    1. AwesomeSauce says

      Hahahah you made me cry!

    2. The NerdyExplorer says

      AS-IS lol

    3. Tricking Forever says

      AS-IS Hey man I checked out ur channel u have great content make sure u check out my channel too and subscribe

    4. Beat Invasion Music - No Copyright Music says

      Please, go on….

  5. Roberto Blake says

    Two of my favorites in one place!

    1. Man after 30 says

      That is what I love over the youtube. Not treating everybody as an opponent – rather as a partner! Awesome!

    2. Tech Hack's says

      Learn a lot thanks to you both.

    3. PilTil says

      I will say three of my favorites including you in one place…

    4. imrobertz1 says


  6. Rose Hilig says

    how can I add ads on my channel can you please tell me

    1. Computer Garage - Australia says

      Youtube has been changing their system and has brought in a new policy new channels now need 10k of total views before ads will be served

    2. Kenji Eresmas says

      Rose Hilig you need 10k views

    3. Alex Makar says

      Rose Hilig you don’t even have the views nor the subs

    4. pigeon says

      KensJourney 10k? I thought it was 100k!?!?

    5. EddieFusion Gaming says

      He has another video that explains ads as well as ad placement for longer videos, but for the most part, YouTube will automatically set up an ad before your video starts as long as you have monetization set up. Also, the new rule of thumb is, you must have to have at least 10,000 total views before you can monetize your videos. That total is for “all” your videos combined and not just 1 video. This gives YouTube time to determine the type of content is in your video. I hope this helps.

  7. Maxwell LeVan Vlogs says

    I know 99% of you won’t see this, but whoever does, have a great day.

    -A small YouTuber with big dreams

    1. Maxwell LeVan Vlogs says

      AwesomeSauce lol

    2. Tricking Forever says

      Maxwell LeVan Vlogs Hey man I checked out ur channel u have great content make sure u check out my channel too and subscribe

    3. Maxwell LeVan Vlogs says

      Consider it done! I just made a new video btw

    4. AndroDashGames says

      Thanks, hope you have a good day too and hope you will achieve your dreams.

      – Another small YouTuber with big dreams

  8. rxstrmom says

    OMG Derral and Dave…I’ve just had a brainstorm !!!! Can’t wait to implement it for a “Hero” video !!! OK, going over to Dave’s now to learn more. Thank you both. xoxo patti ?

    1. Anya Aroha says

      Gotta love those moments right? I was the same – I feel the cogs turning in my head 🙂

    2. rxstrmom says

      I love this feeling !!!!!

    3. Anya Aroha says

      OMG I just went to check out your channel and saw your teaser trailer – you are so youthful, I never would’ve guessed that was your age! Someone has access to #TheFountainOfYouth I see ?

    4. rxstrmom says

      You are so kind !!! Thank you. We try to have lots of fun on my channel…a little of this and a little of that and trying our best to make the best out of this aging thing. It’s not easy and it’s not always pretty…..

  9. The Exploration says

    “Nobody wants to do election stuff”

    1. Tricking Forever says

      Political Junkie Hey man I checked out ur channel u have great content make sure u check out my channel too and subscribe

    2. The Exploration says

      DUTT SAHAB word to the wise. Spamming for subscribers is a great way to get shadow banned from the channels you do it on, and eventually, from YouTube comments in general. Use that time to make videos instead.

    3. HOLLA SOUNDS says

      +Political Junkie Dutt copied and pasted that coment lol he never looked at it. Do you look like a 12 years old that would belive that ???

  10. Rusakko Gaming says

    Derral, you always use the same shirt. Do u ever wash it or do you have 365 copies of that shirt?

    1. Tricking Forever says

      Rusakko Gaming Hey man I checked out ur channel u have great content make sure u check out my channel too and subscribe

    2. Rusakko Gaming says

      You too! Keep up good work! 🙂

    3. Fantasy Couch says

      He owns 28 of them. Watch his trailer video on his channel.

    4. Rusakko Gaming says

      Fantasy Couch I dont want.

    5. Contak Pearson says

      Shouldn’t you be asking *if the shirt is worn by the same Derral?* O.o

      There might be more of him than you know.

  11. jordy plays games says

    well I know what YouTube wants from me, Ive just decided it’s better to be real with your subscribers and make what you want

    1. jordy plays games says

      ㄡしㄖㄠㄋ尺ㄋㄉヒㄩ尺ヒしㄋ ikr

    2. Tricking Forever says

      * J0RDYPLAYZGAM3Z * Hey man I checked out ur channel u have great content make sure u check out my channel too and subscribe

    3. jordy plays games says

      DUTT SAHAB thanks man. had a bunch of people say some rude things about my channel. feels nice to be appreciated

    4. Tricking Forever says

      * J0RDYPLAYZGAM3Z * No problem man don’t listen anyone else just do what u love.???

    5. Money Maker says

      Most people don’t get paid for their hobbies so they have to create a stream of income (job or whatever) to support themselves. I think so many people are trying so hard to get views with click bait that it’s just getting old.

  12. The NerdyExplorer says

    Editing some “hero” content right now in fact

  13. Mustie1 says

    your wife is hot, oh and thanks for the tips too,

  14. Team Broccoli says

    Lucky guy! Your wife’s a hottie ?

  15. [GD] FlyingChicken says

    *creates all clickbait content*

  16. Valentin Torma says

    Good video! Useful tips from the Youtube gurus. 🙂

  17. G3AR - 'GreekGadgetGuru' says

    Derral, your wife is actually gorgeous. Good for you buddy, good for you!

  18. MrTangerillo says

    “Even when people start walking in on your videos” haha

  19. TNM Gaming says


  20. TNM Gaming says


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