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YouTube Videos Will No Longer Be Stuck at 301+ Views – New Update

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Frozen at 301+ views? Not any more, the new YouTube Update is forgoing the 301+ freeze for a system that only counts views that they're confident only come from real people. The new YouTube update is going to provide a more accurate way to validate the view count numbers.

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  1. Alpha Buzz says

    R.I.P 301 Club

    1. Pranisha says

      magicle cat yeah mine is stuck on 294 ?

    2. Moonlight Hemmo says

      One of my videos got stuck on 25,904 views πŸ˜›

    3. Sarkiri Singnar says

      My views stuck at 200.

    4. Moonlight Hemmo says

      Alpha Buzz Update: I recently uploaded another video aaaaaaaand it’s stuck at 90 views…

  2. Oliver Leopold says

    Just saying: Did you mean for the subscribe button in the end card to not have an annotation?

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Oliver Leopold it should… I better fix that! πŸ™‚

    2. Oliver Leopold says

      +Derral EvesΒ πŸ™‚

  3. Kristen Ingold says

    my views are completely stuck. I wish someone would go to my channel and tell me so I could test it!! ugh πŸ™

    1. Pranisha says

      Kristen Ingold Did you solve it? I am having the same problem?

  4. SpartASMR says

    View counts still froze. My last video is stuck at 182 nomather who watch it. I ask few of my freinds to go watch it and the views dont change on the video.Its been like that since yesterday .

  5. Js wn says

    my views are frozen.what to do now?#askderral

  6. Hi Here says

    Bruh glad they fixed it
    Bc people might be watching a great video
    And they watch it over and over bc it’s amazing
    But youtube count that views as bots wow

  7. Miss. PONNY says

    My view got freez on 105 views

  8. EliteLondonRacing says

    my one is stuck at 172 views

  9. Heartbreaker Relics says

    This is still happening. The views freeze somewhere between 200 and 350.

  10. GreenDandy says

    Videos won’t bet stuck at 301. I got stuck at 304…rip.

    1. Pranisha says

      what did you do?

    2. GreenDandy says

      I just waited

    3. Pranisha says

      GreenDandy Guess I’ll have to do the same. Its been a day though. Anyways thanks ?.

    4. GreenDandy says

      +Pranisha Oh, that sucks :/ sorry to hear that. Hope it fixes for you soon! GL! ^^

  11. #TECHZO SUKHMAN# says

    sir my dot stuck at 71

  12. Bull Bosphorus says

    Hi Derrel I have a question about youtube subscribers. In last 2 weeks I had made more than 10 youtube videos with live streams and uploads. But all the time my subscribers stay at 627 subs. How is that possible?? Why is my subs freezing or is there anything happened why my subscribers not growing?

  13. Radioactive Gaming says

    my video is stuck at 199 so what really happened

  14. Jay Bennett says

    You aren’t being told the truth. Google is forcing us to purchase adsense at a ridiculous rate. We can see our views in our analytics and continue to fight for every view. I had a video that was almost to 300k and they took 60 thousand views from me and would not let me get past 250k they flatlined everything. I’m not saying this guy is a bad person, but he’s not telling you the whole story nor does he care to. There is no profit sharing we have to pay to play, Google told me this to my face. Well my phone face. I wish I wasn’t the the only person with courage to fight this. These cowards will monitize off of you with their lies. Pay or play for now.

  15. SavingOurJourney says


    1. MOLK GAMER HD says


  16. Your Fusion Street says

    my video view is stuck at 150. please help!

  17. Tired Lemon says

    #AskDerral i still dont understand how to unfreeze youtube views

  18. Sterek Hallinski says

    Mine is stuck on 60. No matter how many times I view.


    hi all my video views have paused why has this happened please let me know as this is frustrating as I know my latest video was doing well and getting 100 views a day but the rest of my videos are all under 30 views but still have paused and it’s been five days I have subscribed to your channel you give great advice thank you ?

  20. Digest Yourself says

    I’m frozen, WTF

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